Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Pet's Heads Are Falling Off (single) - Crude Drawings of Dicks

Its been some time since we released a song, and once again this will be a SIGD exclusive sneak at what we've been up to these last few months in the homey Halifax screamo scene. You can find more of our music and converse with us on our Facebook page as we are excited to be releasing our first demo as soon as we're back together after this holiday break. Also, look out for our first promotional tracks on the Hungarian do-it-yourself Orange Mustache Records winter compilation CD: much like SIGD this little record label is both impressive and progressive! From all of us here, in the Fuhrerbunker, this is a warm hello and a happy New Years. Guys and Gals we need all the feedback we can get!

Listen here

I thought I'd give you guys another upcoming Halifax band to check while I'm at it. These guys are big on the renown metal scene here and they have about a year or two on us. The demo is what I really dig. They have some crushing riffs and brutally fun shows. I've seen them open for Touche Amore in this little skate shop over the summer, where I've seen their demo release as well. I got laid at their Halloween house party, so you know that shit had to be real. They're named Castle Wolfenstien -- after an old video game that brings the same intensity to the table. I recommend playing them together, but heh, metal and metal go together well too. bandcamp

Oh, and Poo I love what you're doing here for everyone here (it's like a brilliantly selective inspiration meets with a microcosm of progression in the modern music industry), and I'm happy to be a small part of it. If you happen to dig our music and want to discuss anything regarding production or distribution, you can reach us at  ~Cheers, Sam.

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