Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Harris Harris Harris EP by Tawny Peaks (2012)

Kind of Like: Tigers Jaw, Girl Scouts, Owen
Genres: Emo, Indie
Buy: Songs From the Road Records

"Formerly a porn star, now an emo band named after aforementioned porn star."

I met Jesse, who runs Songs From The Road, randomly on, I think.  Either way, he has been doing what we do here at SIGD for a couple years longer than we have.  I just found out a couple weeks ago he also has a record label extension from his site: Songs from the Road Records.  This is one of the releases he has put out.  The way the vocals are recorded almost makes this seem like a live album in a good way, like you are listening to these guys play an acoustic set in someone's basement.

It looks like these guys don't normally play acoustically live, but I think this entire EP is acoustic guitars.  Not complaining though, the tones are great.

Listen Here: