Monday, January 9, 2012

Attitudes EP by Stable Boys (2012)

Kind of Like: Pachachunga, Chalk Talk, Glocca Morra
Genres: Punk, Pop Punk, Garage Rock, Noise Rock

It's nice to see the boys from bands like Algernon, Snowing, and Glocca Morra try something that is somewhat out of their comfort zone as far as recent projects go.  I am assuming Zack from Glocca Morra is on the vocals, and Tank from Algernon is doing drums.  Then sprinkle in other people from Snowing and what not.  I have a feeling I met some of them in Philadelphia, but the only name I remember is Zack's. This is pretty lo-fi, but it sounds cool like that.  It's like an old fun garage rock/pop punk band.  This comes out on 4/20, heh.

Listen Here:

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