Thursday, January 5, 2012

Club Banger EP by Club Banger (2012)

Kind of Like: Girl Scouts, 1994!, Noumenon
Genres: Emo, Noise Rock, Math Rock
Preview: Facebook

This is a great mix of genres that you see with bands like 1994!.  Just imagine a little less gruffier vocals with a little more of that whole "walls of sound" feel.  The beginning of the first track doesn't do much to prepare you for the explosion of sound.  Noise rock is a somewhat underrated genre that I think a lot more people that like these mathy emo bands could get into, so here is a great transitional band that could do the deed for you.  Particularly, got a kick out of the sampling of Ditka's infamous 2-7 meltdown before the song "Slippery When Ditka".This is the debut EP from this band, and although it is rough around the edges it shows some great potential.  Googling "Club Banger" for photos doesn't work either.

Listen Here:

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