Other Sites

I'm sure many of you have a whole plethora of blogs that you have in rotation to discover new music.  Here is a list of music blogs that I visit myself.

If it wasn't for this blog, Sometimes I Get Drunk at Night probably wouldn't exist.  I originally wanted to post on CtD, but it didn't work out.  So, I decided to create my own, and I ended up drawing a lot of inspiration from them.  They review a similar taste of music that I have: post-hardcore, screamo, emo etc etc

I Found This Song In The Road
Just met this guy from New Jersey, lots of similar bands and such on this site. Check it out and broaden your horizons further. 

For all the sites that find and distribute music leaks, there are some sites that are just plain good without offering album downloads.  Anthony is the self-proclaimed "internet's busiest music nerd", and rightfully so.  He has a very professional and well-edited take on reviewing music and promoting new and interesting albums.  Kenny showed me this and I'm glad he did.

When I am looking at the traffic for Sometimes I Get Drunk, I see a bit of it comes from Elementary Revolt. probably because I am one of the blogs on their little feed on the sidebar.  So if people see something that I posted that they want to read more about they click on through.  SIGD has yet to make the "Best of the Blogosphere" posts, but maybe someday it will.  Then I can die happy.

Enzo helped me out one time with one of my posts, and his site provides great music too.  He also focuses on melodic hardcore; a genre I don't usually cover.

This is a great site for finding music relating to post-rock, doom, drone, and sludge.

A fellow alcohol-referenced music blog!  The posts on this site aren't as frequent as others, but when there are posts they are usually in-depth and gems.

Music as Heroin
Another blog with a great selection and what not.

Heavy Boots Music
This is a tumblr run by some cool cats that are mostly from the Florida area.