Monday, December 30, 2013

worst.summer.ever by Del Paxton (2013)

Kind of Like: Braid, Weatherbox, American Football
Genres: Indie, Emo, Pop Punk

These guys have been in a few other bands from upstate New York, but the one that I was familiar with was Month.  Month was a pretty good band, but I am liking these guys more.  Solid harmonies, strong fuzzy tones with some very American Football-esque clean parts, and great mixing/mastering overall to tie it all together.
Listen Here:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sleep Kit by Sleep Kit (2013)

Kind of Like: Pride and Ego Down, whenskiesaregray, continent.
Genres: Post-hardcore, Emo, Screamo

Holy shit, it's been a minute, right?  I decided I needed to update my music library and I figured I would give this a post as well.  I want to give a proper post for being gone for so long, but my laptop is about to die and my power cord is all the way in the other room, so this is going to be short for now.

These guys are part of what is becoming a very american-friendly screamo/emo movement in Germany.  The first track starts kind of slow and didn't really hook me in right away.  Once you get through the second song, you will probably will want to finish it because it just gets better from there.  There are some pretty fun riffs in this and you would be wise to give it a try.