Monday, January 16, 2012

Dialects by Les Doux (2011)

Kind of Like: La Dispute, Murder by Death
Genres: Screamo, Post-hardcore, Folk
I reviewed these guys before with their self-titled EP.  They are a promising take on screamo with an addition of heavy southern/folk riffs.  I can appreciate anybody that tries to take on combining two genres.  The problem for me with this album was how long it took for me to come around to it.  The first song was redundant and didn't really hook me.  This is a concept EP.  The four songs on the EP (Interrogative, Declarative, Exclamatory, Imperative) were each written with that particular sentence structure and each is from a different perspective of a person involved in the story of a son leaving his home.  That's good and all, but it doesn't matter how cool a concept is if it doesn't grab me from the get go, especially an EP.

Now for the good news, the second half of this EP is way better than the first half, in my opinion.  It's unfortunate that this EP really hits its stride during the last song.  There is even a really cool folk/blues part that fits in perfectly at about the 2:35 mark of the last song, it's something you don't normally hear in this kind of music and it reminds me of Murder By Death; a really cool folksy sounding band from Indiana.

One other oddity, for some reason Declarative is significantly quieter than the other songs.  Just jump between Declarative and Imperative and you probably will notice it.  Maybe they were recorded or mixed at different times or something.  Maybe that's why Declarative just doesn't have the same "umph" for me.

I hate being a critic sometimes.

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