Monday, January 23, 2012

burundanga by FACT (2012)

Kind of Like: Dragonforce, A Wilhelm Scream,
Genres: Post-hardcore, Emo, Pop Punk, Metal
Spotify: Not as of this posting, they do have previous albums though

I posted their Eat Your Words EP here, way back in March.  It became a sort of guilty pleasure for me. I am not a huge fan of pop punk in the clean and bubbly sense, but the combination with post-hardcore and fast metal riffs did me in.  These guys have that pop punk feel at timse, but they are also fast, and just really, really easily accessible.  They blow their melodies to epic proportions, have lazer, Dragonforce-esque riffs at times, and even the occasional breakcore electronics.  This is certainly something that will not sit well with a lot of people that read this, but I am posting this on the off chance that it might with a few. However, there are even parts of this I just plain don't like, like the beginning of "Pink Rolex".

I would also recommend trying out their original self titled LP on Spotify if you like this.  It is most people's favorite.

I got a 94% on my first exam (so psyched).  Two more to go tomorrow. Back to the books, but expect news on the radio show later and other things that will be worked on after this slew of exams.

Listen Here:

StreamPad: FACT- GSMD

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