Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bone Bleached Wooden Teeth by Hunter Gatherer (2010)

I'm probably going to spend the evening trying to find a pair of these Nike Hunter Gatherers that showed up while googling Hunter Gatherer

Kind of Like: Godspeed You!, Sigur Ros, Explosions
Genres: Post-rock, Ambient

This is a now defunct band from St. Louis, and they were mainly a post-rock band I would say.  There are times when I say that I am over post-rock, but then another one comes along and I can't help but enjoy it for all the same reasons again.  It is particularly easily to latch onto a band like this when they have a great sense of direction in their music.  For me, post-rock bands need to have that thematic development that invokes something inside of you, particularly when the songs average about 10 minutes long.  The interesting thing about these guys is that they have formed a new band She Hums in Swarms, which apparently will be making a debut EP fairly soon.  It features most members from this band, along with a member of Family Might, and another from a band called Muscle Brain. So, hopefully we will see that come out soon.  It will have singing and be a bit rowdier than Hunter Gatherer.

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