Sunday, July 29, 2012

Slow Revenge EP by SARG (2012)

Kind of Like: Trash Talk, Hellmouth, Trap Them
Genres: Punk, Hardcore
Buy: I.Corrupt Records

We featured this German band on our international sampler.  Their 7 inch just came out that features the song we used called "Holy Night".  There is a certain charm to their muddied angsty punk/hardcore.  These guys squeeze 6 shorter songs onto a 7 inch like a true punk band, but they also manage to break shit down really well like in the song "Quiet Limbs" and "Vomit Hope".  I was sent this directly from Ingo of I.Corrupt Records, so I since I have his permission, I don't feel bad posting this on here.  Lots of records to choose from at their site, pick this one up with another one of the I.C. releases..!!

Listen Here:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New song by Pan!

You may remember these guys from their album ,Post-rock is Not Dead, from last year that brought uplifting Fang Island-esque music to the table.  Well, they are part of a contest that if they win will feature one of their new songs on a Dodge commercial.  It's a win-win concert because by voting you automatically get a download of one of their songs off of their album that came out earlier this year, These are the things I love, and I want to share them with you.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alive Inside needs your help!

You may remember that we posted this video awhile back.  It was somewhat of an internet sensation, and it made quite an impact on me being a nursing student and a musician.  I am excited to say that the movie is almost finished, but they need a little more funds to finish it.  They started a kickstarter campaign that shows more clips from the movie and has a place for donations.  They have over $30,000 pledged of the $50,000 that need.  I will most likely making a pledge myself from record sales, and I hope you guys can find a way to help as well!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Phone Home EP by Benthos (2012)

Kind of Like: The Appleseed Cast, The Summer Pledge, Minus the Bear
Genres: Post-rock, Math Rock, Emo

I've been kind of following Tim Barrett's bands since I caught Merlin the Friend play with Prawn over a year ago.  I got to see this band he is in for the first time in the beginning of July when Tycho came to town.  Not really sure how they got to open up for him, but who cares, it was an awesome show.  They just came out with this two song EP a couple days ago.  Really good peanut butter and jams.

Listen Here:

MissingNo. by grady stiles (2012)

Kind of Like: Dads, Algernon Cadwallader, Tera Melos
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore
These guys are from Albany and are really nice, sad dudes.  They put on a really great, sad time at their apartment above a bar called Not the Bar Downstairs.  If you ever get the chance to play a show there or with them in general, go for it. 

Listen Here:

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Venture EP by Hank (2012)

Kind of Like: Noumenon, Tera Melos, Invalids
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore

If you listened to their last EP that was featured on here last year, you are going to find a bit of a deviation from that.  This seems even more experimental than the Schrader EP, and bit more mathy than emo.  The EP by Month that I just put up before this doesn't have much of any noodles.  Well, this EP by Hank has plenty of them if that's what you're into.  The timing for getting around to this review couldn't be much better because these guys are about to embark on a little tour starting August 1st.  Come on guys, no Michigan date?  You're only a few hours away!  Actually, you are probably better off, all kinds of bands are hitting up Michigan in August and I am struggling to find places for bands like Legs Like Tree Trunks and Mallard.  Houses usually only do a couple shows a month to keep the neighbors/cops off their asses, and with all the bands touring it's really slim pickings.

Listen Here:

Bath Salts EP by Month (2012)

Kind of Like: Dikembe, Daytrader, Joyce Manor
Genres: Emo, Punk, Pop Punk

From what I hear, Cleveland is becoming quite a burgeoning scene for the kind of music featured on this and many other blogs.  Not much noodles/twinkles to be found here, just visceral, powerful emo/pop punk.  If you like this album, they have another that came out earlier this year that is also up for free download.

Listen Here:

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This has been on my mind for the past few months, and I feel like it's time to say/do it.  When I first started the label, I was wondering what would happen to this music blog.  I didn't want to end it, but things have certainly slowed down from here.  Before going any further, I am not planning on ending the blog.

I am removing certain things from it.  Mainly, I do not want to post signed bands on here anymore.  I know that most of you look forward to the big ones, like the new Glocca Morra, Dikembe, Restorations or the latest Topshelf release.  I offer all of my SIGD Records releases for free digitally, but many other labels do not.  This is their decision, and I understand it.  I also know, that any half wit can find an album they really want, but in the end, it's a matter of principle.   I like the people from labels like Tiny Engines and Topshelf; some of them even provided me with words of wisdom/guidance when I was first starting out.  I don't want to get sales as a result of their loss.  I never had ads on this blog, even when it first started.  The Outbrain ads below each post are for posts from within this blog, and the revenue generated from any Outbrain ads going outside of the blog are given directly to the International Red Cross.

Although it is much harder to weed out the good unsigned bands from the many bad ones and hundreds of mediocre ones, it is something that I feel is more noble and less infringing.  Sure, if a signed band or label requests to be posted, I'll go for it.  Also, I may just do reviews for the signed bands but not provide a leak at the end.  As far as international bands go, I feel like they could use the exposure and I will probably judge each signed band on a case by case basis if I will provide a leak or not.

I hope this won't affect you from visiting, there is a lot of promising unsigned talent out there.  I already have to scrounge through the unsigned ones as it is for the label to pick out who to approach for releases, so it should help in the long run.  This is something I have gone back and forth about in my head, so we will see how things turn out.

I also do this blog from time to time, combining reviews for two of obvious favorite things.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Emo Side Project/Little Kingdoms Split (2012)

Kind of Like: Empire! Empire!, Joie De Vivre, Midwest emo
Genres: Emo

Speaking of guys that do bands and labels, Andrew Mcshan not only runs Sea of Tranquility Records but also partakes in the bands Lizards Have Personalities and Emo Side Project.  Both parties involved in this split are key.  I actually think it was Peter from Peace Be Still that told me to check this split out.  I am not sure if this will be available physically, but for now you can listen to these goodin's digitally magically on your computer and Zune.

Listen Here:

Subject to Change EP by Siddhartha (2012)

Kind of Like: Continents., La Dispute
Genres: Screamo, Emo, Post-hardcore

It is nice to see fellow independent label runner, Taylor Bryant (Carucage Records), find some spare time to form a band.  I hope to eventually get back onto the stage in addition to behind the merch table.  This is some pretty promising material, pretty emotive/cathartic/what have you.  I would expect this to be on tape or something along with the cd's they are giving out for free at shows.  This was self-recorded, so I feel the power they are trying to convey hasn't hit its potential quite yet.  Still, I am excited to see what the band does in the future with some momentum.

Listen Here:

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Speck of Dust | International Sampler 2012

Hey guys, you can check out/download the SIGD International Compilation on our bandcamp.

Here's the roster:

US: Locktender, Chalk Talk
France: Chasing Paperboy, Birds in Row
UK: Goodtime Boys, Vales (formerly known as Veils)
Sweden: Disembarked, No Omega
Italy: This Gratia, Raein
Canada: Peace Be Still, Solids
Germany: SARG, Continents.
Australia: I Am the Agent, Tyrannosaurus Rules

It also includes artwork and a pdf with info and links.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sirs by Sirs (2012)

Kind of Like: 1994!, Chalk Talk, Coping
Genres: Punk, Pop Punk, Emo, Post-hardcore, Rock
Buy: Topshelf

Jose from Peace Be Still is in town for work.  When I picked him up to go catch Tycho, he asked me if I had heard the new Sirs yet.  Unfortunately, I hadn't.  He also told me they might be planning some kind of Canadien tour with them. Anyways, this morning I saw posts about it on facebook that reminded me to check this out.

Biblical cattle, this shit is good.  It's been a minute since something hit me like this right off the bat.  I had listened to these guys before with their split with Chalk Talk, so I knew what I was getting into.  They really have outdone themselves with this debut full length though; it's fresh, fast, powerful, catchy and many other adjectives.  I am going to order this right now.

Listen Here:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Broad Shoulders by Dikembe (2012)

Kind of Like: Wavelets, By Surprise, Dowsing
Genres: Emo, Punk, Pop Punk
Preorder: Tiny Engines

There isn't much more I could say about Dikembe that I haven't already said. These guys put on one of my favorite sets at Fest, and we also interviewed them afterwards. One day that interview will see the light of day. That was back when I was doing the zine thing and wanted interviews for that.

 Their EP last year floored just about everybody on the interwebs, and Tiny Engines was smart to get these guys on board. A year after their inception, here is their debut LP, and it is as good as it is hot outside. It is so damn hot outside.

Listen Here:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2012 International Sampler

In a couple weeks, I will be putting out this compilation of different bands from around the world.  I am still waiting for a couple bands to send their high quality songs in, but I also am still taking submissions for this.  The countries that I don't need more bands from are: U.S., Germany, Australia, France, Canada, and Sweden.  I have one spot for Italy and one or possibly two from the UK that I would like to fill in.  If you are from one of those countries and would like to be on this, send an e-mail to:  I am open to other countries as well, like Japan and Russia and stuff.  I am just having a hard time contacting people in certain areas, I feel I may be getting lost in translation.

This compilation will be distributed free with all orders from SIGD Records from now on.  We have 100+ William Bonney records that will be mailed out in the coming week or two, and I am aiming to have this ready to go with those orders.  The artwork right now is tentative.  But hey, it should be great promotion.

I decided to do this because I wanted a sampler to be able to give out with orders.  However, with only 4 releases and 5 bands under my belt, it would be a really short sampler if it was exclusively bands associated with SIGD Records.  Plus, there are plenty of compilations that feature mainly american acts and cover that area very adequately.  So, I decided on an international one to expand the bands and sounds involved.  Several tracks are unreleased material, and the names I have so far I am really excited about.