Sunday, March 31, 2013

FUCK IT by 1994! (2013)

Kind of Like: Lightning Bolt, I Smell Blood
Genres: Punk, Noise Rock, Post-hardcore

This new release from 1994! is a deviation from FCKYRHEAD, and was recorded really DIY (if you count iphone recordings).  The result is a guttural experience that will rock your brain in it's skull if listened through decent speakers (not your laptop).  The description on their bandcamp does a sufficient job describing it.  Speaking of 1994, this is the first time since 1994 that Michigan has been in the Elite Eight.  Looking really good for the Final Four right now at the half, sorry You'll Live, we're laying the smackdown on Florida...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Smell Blood (2012)

Kind of Like: Lightning Bolt, Young Widows
Genres: Post-hardcore, Punk, Noise Rock, Math Rock

So, Friday night I ventured out to see Kenny's (The Armed) new band, Nice Hooves.  The kid is in like ten bands and all of them are pretty awesome.  The show was five bucks and at the fashionable Loving Touch in Ferndale, Michigan.  It's an old sketchy massage parlor converted into a really solid punk bar, complete with good drink prices, a jukebox decked out with classic punk rawk music, and a slew of some of the nicest pool tables in metro Detroit.

This band, I Smell Blood, is from that not-as-cool London located in within our northern Canadian neighbors' territory.  They played right before Nice Hooves, and they really ripped it open.  They are a bass and drum combo, but the bass player uses different pedals to get guitar tones and fill in the empty space.  After listening to pretty much emo bands for the past few months, it's a breath of fresh air to get into a good punk/noise rock band that can bring the house down with a wall of sound.

Then Nice Hooves played and they were great as usual, followed by local favorites, Child Bite.  Somewhere in there, I stumbled outside to check out a hot dog stand Kenny was raving about that had hot dogs with mac and cheese on them.  As I got closer, Randall (also from Nice Hooves) told me they also had one with pulled pork on it.  I decided to get the best of both worlds, and I ended the night with a gigantic heavenly weiner smothered in mac and cheese and pulled pork.  It was awesome.

So, check these fellas out, and if you Euro guys should look out for Child Bite.  They are a great Michigan band that are heading out there.

Listen Here:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Old Friends/Keyholder split (2013)

Kind of Like: No Omega, Bastions, Comadre
Genres: Screamo, Post-hardcore, Hardcore, Punk

This split is pretty brutal, in a good way.  The Leyholder side reminds me a lot of No Omega's first little EP.  Speaking of which, I heard their new album just came out.  Maybe look for that in a little bit.  This is my first time checking out Old Friends (I think).  Their side is equally awesome for it's own reasons, it almost sounds like Chris from Snowing screaming in a hardcore band.  Also getting a little Comadre feel in there.  I would like to write more about this split, but the servers for Simcity are finally working. I'm a total nerd and need to get my fix.

Listen Here: