Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Analytical Dreaming EP by Animal Faces (2010)

Kind of Like: Carrion Spring, Logz, Kidcrash
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Math Rock
Buy: I.Corrupt Records

I don't know how you could watch that video and not get really stoked on this Toronto three piece.  The vocals sound exactly like another band that I cannot for the life of me think of at the moment, not that that's a bad thing. Maybe Native.  I love bands like this so much; the mathy post-hardcore bands are my favorites.  Get on this now please, ride it hard.  How the fuck has this been out for a year?  Another solid release from the DIY label I.Corrupt, I think they are Germany-based...

Listen Here:


  1. Animal faces are from Toronto and really great. though I think your correct I. Corrupt is german

  2. Yea it's hard to believe this was originally released on cassette in January '11 by A Mountain Far. Nothing but love for these guys. I hear new stuff is coming out relatively soon!

  3. the vocals sound like Native

  4. they sound like lautrec

  5. Their new album Anomie is out! I went to their kick-off show for their tour and it was aweeesomee. Should definitely check it out!