Thursday, January 5, 2012

Imprecari Island by Barrows (2011)

Kind of Like: Russian Circles, We Made God, Telepathy
Genres: Metal, Post-rock, Instrumental

This is Barrows, not Barrow.  I actually stumbled upon these guys while I was looking for press/pictures/songs for Barrow.  I would say that these guys need to tour together but that might be kind of hard seeing that Barrow is from North Carolina and Barrows is from Los Angeles.  I think they would complement each other very well even though one is instrumental and the other isn't.  They both have that post-rock feel with that heaviness at the same time.  Remember how I said that the Hunter Gatherer band had a great sense of direction?  Well these guys do too, but in a little bit different way.  Transitionally, Hunter Gatherer flowed between their ideas.  This band here has great direction, but that are are fairly quick and deliberate, but still have longer ideas that take a bit to develop.  At times, their music reminds me so much of Russian Circles closer to their Station days, and I love that. Especially the song "Red Winds".  Goddamn, I am on a roll tonight.

Listen Here:

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