Monday, January 23, 2012

The Mercury Program - A Data Learn the Language [2002], Confines of Heat [2003]

For Fans Of: Maserati, The Six Parts Seven, Pele
Genres: Post-Rock, Instrumental, Math Rock

Apparently I am on an early 2000's kick, because here's another band from that era. Formed in the summer of 1997 and based in Gainesville, Florida (I'm a big fan of Gainesville - it was the Fest 10 destination last year and we had a blast), The Mercury Program started out as a three-piece. A couple of years later they added a new member, and the three-piece morphed into a more dynamic quartet. I would describe this as Post-rock/Math-rock mixed with some smooth jazz. But really, the fun in listening to such bands such as this one occurs in each of the members' parts meshing into a song that's not too much of anything in particular.

These guys rarely, if every, take to the stage in a live forum, choosing instead to record music they love in their spare time without necessarily making it the focus of their lives. That being said, they have made an impressive amount of albums over the years: their first two featured sparse, spoken vocals, then they became entirely instrumental with the release of their 2001 EP, took a much-needed break in late 2003, and returned with their newest album in 2009. The two I have posted below are my favorites: the first is their 2002 release, and the second is their 2003 split with Maserati. I should admit, however, that I have yet to listen to Chez Viking, which one user on referred to as "Incredibly calming. Best heard during a sunrise." I'm most definitely intrigued, and will be checking that one out as well.

If "You Give Me Problems About My Business" (the song in the preview) sounds familiar to you, it is because it's used a lot on NPR. I know! I always wondered who the artist of that song was too!
Listen here:

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