Wednesday, January 11, 2012's Best of 2011

I have been eagerly awaiting's year in review since their one from last year was released.  It was really interesting to see the top albums/artists of 2011, and the top newcomers of 2011.

They not only did this, but also made it more interactive. You can now see the top artists of certain genres, and also a really interesting Year in Music.  It is crazy to see some of the reactions of listeners to certain events surrounding artists.  In 2011 alone people listened to nearly 72,000 years in music (and that's just data from users!)

As Kenny said before, if you haven't hopped on Spotify, I would do so now.  Especially because it is fuly integrable with and other websites I use a bunch like We Are Hunted and SongKick.  You can just do this by clicking on the app finder in Spotify.  I am proud to say I have fully weaned myself into using Spotify as my lone music player.

Other interesting facts from 2011 using the new feature:

-The top Punk New Discovery artist (artist that was first scrobbled in 2011) was Tiny Engine's Dikembe.

-In the Hip-hop genre, the number one New Discovery artist was Death Grips which was featured on CtD.  Gorilla Warfare Tactics and Badbadnotgood were numbers 4 and 5 respectively and were featured on here on SIGD.

I wish you could search genres like Screamo, Emo, Hardcore and such because then this would be much less limited and even more interesting.  But this is certainly a start.

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