Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful by the United Sons of Toil (2011)

Menza Pri Koritu, Ljubljana

Kind of Like: Young Widows (older), &U&I, Neurosis
Genres: Noise Rock, Post-hardcore, Math Rock

That photo is from this Madison, Wisconsin band's European tour.  To view more interesting photos, check out the flickr album; gnarly stuff.  These guys sound like they know what the hell they are doing, and they show they have experienced musicianship.  This album is noisy, mathy and probably the complete opposite of the band I just posted.  I also found this amusing that was posted on their site:

"Shamelessly lifted from an interview with Conformists singer Mike Benker. Words to fucking live by. 

DO NOT PLAY LONGER THAN 35 MINUTES, TOPS. Leave people wanting more not less. The first Black Sabbath record is just under 38 minutes. Are you better than that record? Nope. 

GET THE FUCK OFF OF THE STAGE. Grab your drums and move out of the way. When you set up, take as long as you want. You are burning up your 35 minutes. When you are chit-chatting about how you just weren’t “feeling it tonight” while you remove wing nuts from cymbal stands, know that a band is ready to run you over. If you see another band helping you off the stage, that is a bad sign. Figure it out. 

STOP FORMING BANDS AND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO SOUND. Get in the basement and play your asses off. Write ten songs and play the shit out of them then plays some shows. Scrap seven of the songs and write more before you dare record. The first ten songs a new band writes are usually not that good. Keep the best three. Not all of your ideas are good, numbnuts. Stop recording and releasing everything. 

IF SOMEONE SAYS “GOOD SHOW” SAY “THANK YOU”. If you complain about your set to someone who liked it, you look like a douche. Don’t be a whiner. Take the compliment and try harder next time."

Listen Here:


  1. Backed. These guys are rad. Their politics are cool as well; when they contacted me about a review last year I think they were involved with the Wisconsin strikes. Reading their lyrics is a pleasure as they actually seem to know what they're talking about.

    I had no idea they had such crazy props for their shows though. That's ace!

  2. Oh sorry. I may have implied that was at their show. I think that was just something they saw while they were touri g Europe.