Monday, January 30, 2012

Collected by Birds in Row (2012)

Kind of Like: No Omega, Goodtime Boys, Caravels
Genres: Hardcore, Screamo, Punk
Spotify: Yezzir.

Where the fuck did these guys come from?  Well, France, but they have become immediately prominent in the United States.  Here is the blog Curran Reynolds summing up why:

"Vitriol Records - the LA label founded by Justin Smith of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, and Dangers - presents Collected, a compilation of all the recordings to date of French hardcore band, Birds In Row. As Birds In Row prepare to record their debut full-length for Deathwish Inc, Collected serves as a complete introduction to this explosive band."

This album is a 7" and EP of theirs put together to form something really special.  Their vibe will get anybody's attention stateside that like bands like Beau Navire and Caravels, but they also have a bunch of other stuff that is great as well.  These guys are just plain fulminant, and are bursting with emotion at every moment.  I think Curran Reynolds put's it best with: "The heart is laid bare but the spine is intact."

It certainly was enough to get Deathwish's attention, they have promptly signed them to release a full length sometime this year.  Pick this up right now and get yourself acquainted.

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