Monday, January 9, 2012

Drive Soundtrack - 2011

For Fans Of: Matthew Dear, Electric Youth, The Chromatics
Genres: Electronica, Synth Pop, Ambient

After finally watching this earlier tonight, I am convinced that Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn managed to make one of the best movies of last year. From the unique cinematography, to the suspenseful action/brutal murder scenes, to the great cast (Ryan Gosling - making jean jackets look too good, Carey Mulligan - making short haircuts on girls look too good, Bryan Cranston - of Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle, and Christina Hendricks - of Madmen), and last but not least, the '80s electronica-inspired soundtrack, this movie stands as a truly impressive thriller.

Artists on the soundtrack include: Cliff Martinez, College, and Desire. Just like the movie, it winds back and fourth between calm and calamity; kicking things off with electronica, veering off into a more ambient sound, and then into a darker disco sound. When put together, the score provides a dark, seductive atmosphere. One fan wrote: "Fact: Listening to the Drive soundtrack will make you fifty times cooler", and I couldn't agree more.

So go ahead and grab a lady or gentleman friend, have some wine, and enjoy it, as well as the movie.


  1. This movie reminded me of a worse version of Running Scared. Same stylistically, both involved things gone completely wrong and over the top violence. Running Scared was just much more interesting because it made everything more ridiculous.

  2. Hm. Well, we can agree to disagree.

  3. yeah, i can't disagree any more with the first comment, and i actually somewhat enjoyed running scared. it's just not even on the same level as drive... i'm super stoked for mondo to release the LP of this. just spoke to them at a horror convention and they couldn't tell us much, but i know its coming with a sweet poster.