Monday, January 16, 2012

(Classic) In Bocca Al Luppo by Murder by Death (2006)

Kind of Like: Seasick Steve, The Snake the Cross the Crown, O'Death
Genres: Folk, Indie, Rock, Punk

When I mentioned these guys in the last post, I realized I never really shared them on here.  It may not be something you all will like, but hopefully some of you will.  It was hard pinning a genre on them because they have been in so many forms since they began.

I was first exposed to them in a trailer/showcase for Michigan's Scrambled Visual, a group that used to record different artists including The Suicide Machines, Snoop Dogg, Murder By Death, Anti-Flag, and fordirelifesake.  I have no idea what happened to them, I always liked their videos.  Here is the song I heard on that showcase/trailer that first got me into this band like 8 years ago.

This is one of their earlier albums and it kind of electronic/folk/post-rock going on.  I never shared this, but I became so obsessed with the chord progression in this song, I used it in a song I wrote for a ska band at the time.  Listen to the trombone part after the dumb intro thing in the song Rethink and Regroup, then go back and listen to the above Murder by Death video, can't miss it.  And yes, I have a ska history.  So does Max from Signals Midwest.  We had a good time talking about being in ska bands.

Rethink and Regroup
Rethink and Regroup
(I also did the skramz in the chorus, how embarrassing.  Kenny is going to love this post.)

Anyways, I only liked a couple songs on that album besides "...Virginia Wolfe", and then In Bocca Al Luppo came out, and I was shocked with how much their sound had changed.  I didn't like it at first.  This album was a prime example of a grower for me.  They were much folkier, not electronic at all, and somewhat old-fashioned.  Eventually, I came to love the old-fashioned folk/western feel to it and I especially loved the narrative throughout the whole album.  Each story seems like a clip out of an old western movie, and even Adam has provided all the lyrics to the songs on their website along with an explanation of them.

The artwork to the album is awesome, I had the CD at one point and I remember it folded out into an elaborate insert that followed the tree's roots down through the bowels of the earth.  I wasn't into record collecting when I first heard this album, but I really would like this to be part of my collection now.

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  1. not the best murder by death album if you ask me, still a fine album, but fine is what a lot of people say when their upset about something. Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of Them was always my favorite album from them.

  2. I need to give that one more of a chance...