Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being Without by Barrow (2011)

Kind of Like: Moving Mountains, Iselia, Pianos Become the Teeth
Genres: Post-rock, Screamo, Emo, Post-Hardcore
Buy: Big Cartel
Preview: Bandcamp

Stumbled on these guys through bandcamp and got floored.  Went to look for a link to download their album, and saw the Elementary Revolt beat me to the punch.  These lads are from Greensboro, North Carolina and it's their debut full-length. You can buy this on wax directly from the band at the Big Cartel link above.  Great debut from these guys, both writing and production-wise.  I noticed the band is asking for $5 dollars for the download, and rightfully so because they probably put some money into getting this mixed and mastered.  So, if the band wants this taken down, I will understand.  I can't fucking sleep.

Listen Here:

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