Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Have Supped Full On Horrors by Romance Of Young Tigers

Kind of Like: Signal Hill, Earth, Explosions in the Sky
Genres: Post-Rock, Experimental, Ambient
Preview: Bandcamp

Earlier today I was sitting on Tumblr and came across a post about a band called Romance of Young Tigers. After some further investigation, it turns out that they:

1. Hail from Dayton, Ohio,
2. are no longer making music together,
3. and have made a few unjustly underrated albums during their time together.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's a review via Buzzgrinder, another great music blog, from their 2009 release, I Have Supped Full on Horrors (Shakespeare anyone?):

"I was first introduced to Dayton, Ohio post-rockers Romance of Young Tigers a few years ago on a free Silent Ballet compilation. In a large collection of instrumental songs by God knows how many Explosions in the Sky cover bands and college students putzing around in GarageBand, they stood out.

The track I heard was Long Withdrawing Roar, the opening song on their first full-length release, I Have Supped Full on Horrors, which apparently came out sometime last year. I, however, have just gotten my hands on it for the first time. It turns out to be perfect timing: it’s been too long since I’ve heard a new instrumental release worth listening to more than once.

No percussion is found here; this is pure guitar experimentation (with the occasional keyboard for good measure). Nothing should be added or taken away. Every strung-out noise and cloud of static lives up to an overarching sense of significance. So much can be read between these lines, but one might get the feeling that he is perhaps reading into himself instead."

The guys over at Buzzgridner gave that album a score of 9.934. Although it's probably my favorite album of theirs, I could not for the life of me find a link to download it (if anyone else can, please feel free to post it in the comments!). However, the whole album is available on their Bandcamp for you to enjoy. I did find a link to their February 2009 release, Maria, which you can download below, and is also pretty good. Had I known about them at the time, I probably would have asked for this album on vinyl for Christmas. Each copy comes with a hand-screened cover and hand-screened protective sleeve.

Listen Here:

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