Saturday, April 30, 2011

Operation: Doomsday (Remastered) by MF DOOM (2011)

Kind of Like: Dangerdoom, Quasimoto/Madlib, J Dilla
Genres: Hip-hop
Preview: Srsly? Ok...samples here, or go on youtube.

"As we announced back in January, DOOM's own label Metalface Records is releasing the first complete & remastered version of OPERATION: DOOMSDAY, containing the original album, alternate versions, b-sides and instrumentals - 42 tracks total - with all new artwork and two deluxe, metal formats:

2/CD LUNCHBOX and 4/LP BOX each contain a 32-page lyric book and set of 10 cards with images of the Operation Doomsday MCs. The 4/LP BOX will be released later in Spring 2011.

1. The Time We Faced Doom (Skit) 2:04
2. Doomsday feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 4:58
3. Rhymes Like Dimes feat. DJ Cucumber Slice 4:19
4. The Finest feat. Tommy Gunn 4:01
5. Back In The Days (Skit) 0:45
6. Go With The Flow 3:37
7. Tick, Tick... feat. MF Grimm 4:05
8. Red And Gold feat. King Ghidra 4:43
9. The Hands Of Doom (Skit) 1:50
10. Who You Think I Am? feat. K.D., King Ghidra, Kong, Megalon, Rodan, X-Ray 3:24
11. Doom, Are You Awake? (Skit) 1:13
12. Hey! 3:47
13. Operation: Greenbacks feat. Megalon 3:46
14. The Mic feat. Pebbles The Invisible Girl 3:02
15. The Mystery Of Doom (Skit) 0:22
16. Dead Bent 2:22
17. Gas Drawls 3:43
18. ? feat. Kurious 3:09
19. Hero v.s. Villain (Epilogue) feat. E. Mason 2:56

Disc Two - Instrumentals, Alt. Versions, B-Sides:
1. Dead Bent (Original 12" Version) 3:15
2. Gas Drawls (Original 12" Version) 3:59
3. Hey! (Original 12" Version) 4:08
4. Greenbacks (Original 12" Version) 3:57
5. Go With The Flow feat. Sci.Fly (Original 12" Version) 3:41
6. Go With The Flow (Raw Rhymes) 3:42
7. I Hear Voices Pt. 1 (Original 12" Clean Version) 2:50
8. I Hear Voices Pt. 2 feat. MF Grimm (Original 12" Clean Version) 2:06
9. Tick, Tick (Original 12" Main Mix Version) 4:24
10. ? (Extended Raw Rhymes Version) 3.45
11. Dead Bent (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:16
12. Gas Drawls (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 2:51
13. Hey! (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:54
14. Greenbacks (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 3:56
15. The Mic (Original 12" Instrumental) 3:03
16. Red and Gold (Original 12" Instrumental) 5:07
17. I Hear Voices (Original 12" Instrumental Version) 2:06
18. Doomsday (Instrumental) 4:58
19. Rhymes Like Dimes (Instrumental) 2:10
20. The Finest (Instrumental) 4:55
21. The Hands of Doom (Instrumental) 2:02
22. Who You Think I Am (Instrumental) 2:08
23. ? (Instrumental) 2:35"

That lunchbox with 2 cds is pretty pimp, but I think I would be more interested in picking up the 4LP vinyl set. My birthday is June 10th.  Hint, hint.  Go Here to check out the lunchbox/4LP.  They are currently sold out of the lunchbox at the moment, but you can preorder the 4LP.

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Not Yet by Monotonix (2011)

Kind of Like: Tweakbird, Part Chimp, Sic Alps
Genres: Rock N Roll, Garage Rock, Noise Rock, Punk
Preview: Myspace

Do you ever wake up at night in a cold sweat, rolling over to your laptop to fill yourself with a need?  A need to see grizzly Isreali men getting their groove on? Monotonix has you covered.

Apparently, these guys know how to put on a show.  Dissatisfied with their scene in Isreal they began playing shows where they set up on the floor among the crowd, playing shows raucous enough to result in the power being shut off or the police called in.  Eventually, they would play festivals where they have become known to light their equipment and theirselves on fire, pour audience member's drinks on themselves, and turn concerts into frenzied dance parties.  I doubt this album can possibly convey that energy, but at least it gives you a little taste.

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Break (AOTL) by Childish Gambino (2011)

Kind of Like:  Kanye West, Jamie xx, Frank Ocean, Ratatat guitarz
Genres: Hip-hop, Comedy
Preview:  Click the video, ya dingus

If you didn't see my previous post about his EP and/or don't know who Childish Gambino is, he is Donald Glover (30 Rock, Community).  If that doesn't help type this in your browser:  Then in the search field type: Donald Glover wiki.  Then click on the wiki page, and but before you read it, go to your medicine cabinet and down a whole bottle of acetiminophen before reading.  It enhances the effect.  Anyways, seeing that Donald Glover is constantly busy touring, filming, and writing, he doesn't have a good schedule for releasing full albums.  So, he just releases them one at a time over his tumblr a lot of the time.  Guess what?  This is the case with this song.  See how I did that?  I think this his best song yet, and the timely references are pretty funny.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Red In Tooth And Claw by BATS (2009)

Kind of Like: Cast of Cheers, So Many Dynamos, Foals, Adebisi Shank
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Math Rock, Progressive
Preview: Bandcamp

Kenny put this on when we were going out to see our friend Justin play in Detroit.  I have been meaning to listen to this band because they always seem to be brought up/recommended alongisde Adebisi Shank and Cast of Cheers.  There are definitely aspects of those bands that I like involved here (noodly math rock/dancy beats)  and also some influences that aren't as prominent with those bands that I still really enjoy (post-hardcore).  Give this  album a listen, you'll dig it.  Here's a tip though, skip the first song, it doesn't really do the album a whole lot of opening justice until the very end.  On a sidenote, all bands need to set up a bandcamp account and finally put the nail in the coffin for myspace.

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"Never Come Undone" Koji/La Dispute split (2011)

Kind of Like: Into It. Over It., Daytrader, Stay Ahead of the Weather
Genres: Indie, Acoustic, Emo
Preview: La Dispute Bandcamp, Koji Myspace

First off, I think Koji is the highlight of this album.  He has two really solid and catchy songs.  This release for La Dispute''s songs are acoustic like Koji's so, it's more or less a watered down version of La Dispute.  I would be looking forward more to their upcoming LP.  Oh, sorry for the lack of updates, I had finals last week and then this week one of my major sources got shut down, and I've been feeling somewhat lazy.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Colditz Glider "Properties of Light" (2005)

These guys are fucking awesome. Defunct since 2004 or 05, this Melbourne quartet put out one EP that still sets them far ahead of many bands in the instrumental math/post/whatever-rock genre to this day. A lot of what makes CG unique is their play between infectious melodies and groove. And honestly, I don't know where the hell they thought of some of these melodies, but check it out - it's like a fully-blown blissed-out sky ride through the blue skies and oceans of oceania. I don't know what else to say other than listen.

Listen here

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fight For Your Right Revisited by the Beastie Boys (2011)

This is not a link to a music album, but it is something I definitely got geeked about.  This is a thirty minute long short film featuring the new Beastie Boys single "Make Some Noise".  It's an Clockwork Orange-esque to say the least, and it features the Beastie Boys being played by Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen and Danny Mcbride.  The guest appearances on this are seemingly endless Amy Poehler, Will Ferrell, David Cross, Will Arnett, Rainn Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, John C. Reilly, and many more (Hell, Orlando Bloom was even in there, and I barely recognized him).  You can watch it below, but I recommend going to Hulu and watching it full-screen there.  Oh yeah, and make sure you stop by the Dartmouth Review where I found this video and let that snob know he has no sense of humor because he pretty much calls this trash and the Beastie Boys are "grasping at straws".  Yeah, seeing an all-star cast of comedians/actors play off eachother to the backdrop of an acid trip with a new Beastie Boys song playing in the background is really lame.  Go review some more Ivy League golf and tennis, guy.

Jerks EP by White Mage (2011)

Kind of Like: Citizen, Daytrader
Genres: Emo, Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

The first thing that turned me on about this album was the picture.  This picture reminds me of the hilarious slightly homo-erotic hijinks my old group of friends used to get into.  It reminds me of better, inebriated, drama-free good times with people that regrettably I will never be as close to again.  Some girls suck balls, many others just plain suck.  Oh yeah, and the music isn't half bad either, kinda expresses that carefree sensibility throughout it.  

Listen Here

Baptists EP by Baptists (2011)

Kind of Like: Converge, No Omega
Genres: Punk, Hardcore,
Preview: Myspace

Crazy, punishing, wicked hardcore/metal from vancouver

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hot Sauce Committee Part Two by Beastie Boys (2011)

Kind of Like: Run DMC, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine
Genres: Hip-hop, Rock
Preview: Tumblr

I don't know why I bothered writing anything, I'm sure none of you have read anything past Beastie Boys.  I do not host this file, I don't even have a deposit file account, but apparently somebody does and did.  I wonder how long this will stay up here.

Listen Here

Saturday, April 23, 2011

+Dome by Seekae (2011)

Kind of Like: Mono/Poly, Shigeto, Baths
Genres: Electronica, Chillwave, Ambient
Preview: Myspace

This is a glitchier version of all the recent chillwave bands.  Really soothing and catchy.

"For Sydney Electronica boys Seekae, it was always going to be hard to follow on from the heights of “The Sound of Trees Falling on People“, an album that FBi radio suggested was among the top ten of the decade.

Perhaps the greatest treat to lapse our ears from that album was ‘Void’, the great song that we played over and over, never got sick off, never passed in the jukebox and is still on high rotation after all of these years. If there were ever a better way to aurally transcend reality, I still haven’t found it.

Seekae’s new album ‘+Dome’ does exactly that … again! Set for release on 25th March with Rice Is Nice Records, ‘+Dome’ is jam-packed full of fat beats, soft spaces, plenty of diversity and enough synthesizers, drum machines and glockenspiels to wow your head off!"
-Circle Square Triangle

Listen Here

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pariso/Kerouac Split (2011)

Kind of Like: The Long Haul, Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge
Genres: Chaotic hardcore, Mathcore, Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

Kerouac just released a split a couple months ago with the Long Haul that is featured on this blog, I highly recommend you pick it up.  I am actually still waiting for that split record to be delivered (along with By Surprise and Snowing).  Anyways, this split with Pariso is quite short, and is actually a 5'' record.  The fact that the album has 5 songs each is deceiving.  They are actually more like one song each that are split into 5 parts.  Seeing that these guys are mathcore bands, splitting a song into 5 ten to forty second sections actually works quite well.  If you view this as one new song for each band or five, this split is great, it'll just piss your scrobbler off.

Listen Here

Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes (2011)

Kind of Like: Mumford & Sons, Bon Iver, The Tallest Man On Earth
Genres: Folk, Indie
Preview: Website

This is the new album from the increasingly popular Fleet Foxes.  Epic vocal harmonizations; swelling and receding folk/indie music; and seamlessly good songwriting.  These guys seem to be dripping with melodies that will get stuck in your head for weeks to come.  This may actually be better than their last album.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pulled Apart By Horses by Pulled Apart By Horses

Kind of like: The Jesus Lizzard, Young Widows, Les Savy Fav
Genres: Rock and Roll, Art-Punk

"Pulled Apart By Horses’ incendiary live shows have cost them teeth, chunks of flesh and affordable insurance premiums. They’ve also landed them with one peculiar headache. The Leeds screech-lords’ trail of messy chaos and their noble, reckless dedication to the cause has led to them inheriting the same ‘best live band in Britain’ tag that once plagued Gallows (though unlike Carter and the boys, PABH come splattered with healthy dollops of heart and humour)."
-Dan Martin, (read the full review here)

This album, to me, brings to light the wicked fun and facemelting riffs of a quality Rock and Roll band. With songs titled "Back To The Fuck Yeah" (preview this track above), "I Punched A Lion In The Throat" and "Meat Balloon", this UK based quartet combine energetic rock and roll with a sense of humor. High on my list of bands to see live.

Listen here

Lonely Kids in Dead End Homes by Judges (2011)

Kind of Like: Caravels, We Were Skeletons, Capsule,
Genres: Post-hardcore, Screamo
Preview: Bandcamp

I don't have a whole lot of time because I need to leave and get a lane for free bowling before I end up on the waitlist, I will do a better write up on this later.  But check out their bandcamp, this is free and they are touring all over da place.

Update: So yea, I've taken more time with this album, and it is definitely a solid release.  The production is great, the guitar riffs range from hard hitting to soft, clean and somber.  If you are a fan of post-hardcore/screamo bands then you will definitely enjoy this release.

Listen Here

Songs To Scream At The Sun by Have Heart

Kind of like: Bane, Touche Amore, Defeater
Genres: Hardcore Punk

"Have Heart was a straight-edge hardcore band from Massachusetts. They embraced a realistic and forward-thinking attitude both musically and lyrically, and had an eclectic influence from various ’80s and ’90s hardcore bands, ranging from Youth Of Today & Verbal Assault to Outspoken & Unbroken to In My Eyes & Bane. They started in 2002 and ended in 2009, after releasing a 2003 demo, a 7” on Think Fast! Records (What Counts), and two LPs on Bridge Nine Records (The Things We Carry and Songs to Scream at the Sun)."
-Last FM

Solid no bullshit east coast hardcore punk. Listen, enjoy, repeat.

Listen here

Route One or Die by Three Trapped Tigers (2011)

Kind of Like: Adebisi Shank, Vessels, Battles, Lightning Bolt
Genres: Math Rock, Electronica, Experimental, Post-Rock, Noise Rock
Preview: Myspace, Bandcamp

If you like Adebisi Shank, then you really should check this band out.  They are kinda like Battles too, I guess, but I definitely like these guys more.  They could be brothers for sure.  Here are what people are saying about them.

“Noisy, electronic instrumentals. Check out the proggy, time-shifting "1"

“Twinkles and booms like a star being born, this feels like being hugged by a computerized god. this'll make fans of Lightning Bolt, Battles and Aphex Twin cream themselves”

“It sounds like the end of music as you know it and the beginning of something dazzlingly fresh”

“This loud and twisted trio are the safest bets to take death-improv to the masses”
Time Out

“Gives the impression of a ticking bomb about to explode”

“Effortlessly execute a paradox in sound that is as frantic as it is contemplative”

“Is the machine half-man or the man half-machine? … One of the most exciting UK bands to emerge in 2009”
BBC Music


“…a little unorganised.”
Jazzwise magazine

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Tape Parade by The Third Rail of Life (2011)

Kind of Like: Landmines, Boy Sets Fire, Texas is the Reason
Genres: Punk, Post-Hardcore, Hardcore

"Red Tape Parade’s ‘the third rail of life’ is an honest and melancholic record from an passionate, emotion driven (post)hardcore, punkrock band that can be musically and/or lyrically put besides bands as Boy Sets Fire, Texas is the Reason and Farside. The album offers a good alternation between heavy up-tempo songs and more moderate, more melodic songs. Its a divers album with an overall dark, dramatic and melancholic atmosphere but its drama done in style"
-Out of Step

This band from Germany is alright.  I can appreciate the music for sure, but the vocalist is somewhat of a turn off.  He sounds kinda nasally, and at times he reminds me of Linkin Park when he is yelling.  Yikes.  But I definitely know some people will like this that like other stuff on here.  I will be indulging in Northcote, however.

Listen Here

Gather No Dust by Northcote (2011)

Kind of Like: Sundowner, Mike Park, Flag & Family, Restorations
Genres: Folk, Acoustic, Rock
Preview: Bandcamp, Website

Quite a contrast from my last post.  I found a new solo songwriter to dig my....ears into.  He has a nice rustic, hardened voice.  And the music just makes you feel good inside, and will probably have you singing along after just a few listens.  When Mimmers from Circling the Drain talked about how Restorations' new album made him feel, I bet it had a similar feeling that this album has.  Probably the vocalists, they sound pretty similar.  Also, apparently I'm a sucker for impressionism album covers.

Listen Here

When Comedians Have Abortions It's Not That Funny by Animals on Coke (2011)

Kind of Like: Ed Gein, The Sawtooth Grin, Lightning Bolt
Genres: Grindcore, Noise Rock
Preview: Bandcamp

"'They sound like a young version of me, if I was fuckin’ sixteen and sucked balls' -Neil Young"

Pretty hectic/violent shit right here.

Listen Here

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread by The One AM Radio

Kind of like: Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service), Pheonix, Owen
Genres: Electronic, Indie, Indie Pop

"The One AM Radio's 2011 effort Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread features more of lead singer/songwriter Hrishikesh Hirway's melodic and lushly produced pop. This is music crafted for sunny late-afternoon listening and melancholy days spent alone. Joining Hirway behind the scenes is Tony Hoffer, whose work with such like-minded bands as Belle & Sebastian, Phoenix, and Air fits perfectly with the album's overall laid-back, melodic dance-pop vibe. In that sense, such tracks as the yearningly romantic "Everything Falls Apart" and the sweetly sunny "In a City Without Seasons," featuring vocals from Fontaine Cole, are perfect sad pop nuggets that fall somewhere in between the handclappy rhythms of the Blow and the hummable Swedish pop of the Acid House Kings. Similarly, such cuts as the new wave, synth-driven "Plans" and the Beach Boys meet Death Cab for Cutie-sounding "Everyone But You" are as immediately catchy as they are heartbreakingly bittersweet. Matt Collar, Rovi"

I found this album through Circling The Drain, an amazing blog everyone should check out. At first this album reminded me of what I liked most from The Postal Service, somber vocals mixed with simple yet emotive electronic instrumentation. There are a couple of tracks I don't particularly care for, but in whole, I can see myself listening to this for a long time to come. As the weather begins to get warmer, and the days get longer, I can't help but listen to music like this and dream of sunny days and warm nights ending with watching the sun rise surrounded by good friends.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Epone by Red Bellows (2011)

Kind of Like: Radiohead, Mars Volta, Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos, Portugal. The Man
Genres: Ambient, Experimental, Progressive, Indie
Preview:  Bandcamp

"Red Bellows combines jazzy and progressive tendencies with smooth indie rock, adding keys and electronics to morph their sound even more. Vocalist Marc Pellegrino's grimy voice works to the band's strength, working well with the psychedelic moments of tracks such as the harmonica supported chorus of opener "L.S. Blues" or the Radiohead-like "Maps". The band is offering the EP Epone for free, and it is a must download."
-Muzik Discovery

Definitely agree with this reviewer. They are a highly accessible, nice catchy psychedelic band.  The band is offering it for free, but make sure you check out further stuff by them.

Listen Here

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cosmogramma Alt Takes by Flying Lotus (2011)

Kind of Like: J Dilla, Mono/Poly
Genres: Electronica, Hip-hop, Experimental
Preview: Myspace

"In January 2011, Flying Lotus launched the webcam application, Trigger. In a complete first, the application allowed owners of the landmark album Cosmogramma to scan their copy's artwork, and in return receive outtakes and new versions of music from the creation of the record as a thank you.

Flying Lotus said at the time:

'I'm really into old jazz traditions and I felt Cosmogramma was my jazz record in a sense. In that spirit, for anyone who's bought the album, we've made something they can use to get new tracks and alternate takes from the original Cosmogramma sessions as a gift from us.'

After launch, social networks were abuzz with fans talking about this never-before-seen interface, discussing the new music and experimenting with secret combinations of images to unlock further, hidden tracks.

One of these Facebook posters, Greg Ingraham, suggested we compile the Cosmogramma Alt Takes music on limited, collectable vinyl for Record Store Day. It seemed fitting, and we liked the idea."

Listen Here

Friday, April 15, 2011

Guiltless by Indian (2011)

Kind of Like: Zoroaster, Weedeater,
Genres: Doom, Metal, Sludge, Drone, Hardcore
Preview: Indian's Myspace

"A truly uneasy listen that will drag you into the abyss and spit you out of the other side shaking, confused and very much an Indian fan. Brave it to the end and you'll be rewarded. Absolutely fantastic."

"One thing I dig throughout the album are the vocals that sound like the death calls of ten thousand ghosts. The sludge & crusty drumming is off the chain. Plus, the guitars create this wall of drone that act as a layer of tension between all the other sounds. There are moments on Guiltless where the band finds this space of sinister emotion that actually energizes the listener."

Listen Here

No Ghost by Capsule (2011)

Kind of Like: Noumenon, Torche, Tera Melos
Genres: Mathcore, Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Chaotic Hardcore
Preview: Bandcamp

Explosive emotional mathcore from Florida.  This album is pretty much a beast.  Here is a pretty good review of it in my opinion.  I like how he points out bands using loud colors and random images (usually owls).  But he still admits that this is a mature album for a currently hip and saturated genre: read here.

Listen Here

A Sailor Lost Around the Earth by Valerian Swing (2011)

Kind of Like:  La Quiete, Russian Circles
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Emo, Experimental, Mathcore
Preview: Bandcamp

"...range from free and crazy jazz to wildly undisciplined mathcore, passing through indie, prog, pop, hardcore and much more along the way....July 2010 caught VALERIAN SWING at Red Room Recording in Seattle with producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Isis, Botch) for the recording sessions of their new album A Sailor Lost Around the Earth and a new worldwide label home in Magic Bullet Records. 10 songs in length, A Sailor Lost Around the Earth captures a young instrumental band hitting their stride in devastating fashion."
-Magic Bullet Records

Just stumbled on these guys.  Once again, liking the cover art has led me to another solid band.  These guys are from Italy, and you can really tell because they have those emo violence/screamo influences of La Quite and Raein.  There is no screams here though, for the most part this is instrumental, and if there are any vocals it is soothing supportive singing.  The production quality is great though; better than anything you can ask for on a La Quiete album.  They also throw in some metal/mathcore similar to Russian Circle's Enter in my opinion.

Listen Here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Murder The Mountains by Red Fang (2011)

Kind of Like: Young Widows, Queens of the Stone Age, Electric Wizard
Genres: Sludge, Metal, Rock
Preview: NPR

First By Surprise (Mountain Smashers) and now these guys?  What's everybody got against mountains?  Love the album art; had a couple trippy covers the past couple updates.  These guys are stoner rock/metal from Portland.  They used to be on Sargent House, but this will be their second release for Relapse.

"RED FANG is the latest effort from long time bros and collaborators Bryan Giles (Last of the Juanitas, Party Time), Aaron Beam (Dark Forces, Lachrymator), David Sullivan (Party Time, Face Down In Shit, Shiny Beast) and John Sherman (Party Time, Bad Wizard, Trumans Water, All Night). The four have boiled down their disparate sounds to create the ONLY sound: RED FANG."

Listen Here

Transient Years EP by The Body Rampant (2011)

Kind of Like: Portugal. The Man, Sound of Animals Fighting, Six Gallery
Genres: Experimental, Emo, Post-hardcore
Preview: Bandcamp

Looking at this album cover, you would guess this band is some gnarly grindcore band, at least I did.  Nope, kinda far from that, but still pretty good. Transient Years, produced by Casey Bates (Gatsbys American Dream, Portugal. The Man, MxPx, Chiodos) is a "melting pot of all the members’ intense musical backgrounds and tastes".   If you have heard the production of those bands you know how it is, pretty damn high.   You'll also know what kind of tones those bands drive for, and if you don't like that feel you probably won't get a kick out of this.  At the very least check out their cool-looking masks.  They had to be high when they thought of these. Wait, they have songs called "Indica" and "Sativa".  Makes sense...

Listen Here

Funtitled by Spraynard (2011)

Kind of Like: Sundials, Get Bent, Iron Chic
Genres: Punk, Emo, Pop Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

I'll like If You Make It do the talking because he is just so good at it, make sure you pick up the record from Asian Man Records in May.  It's nice to see a good new addition to that label.  It seems like forever since we played that backyard show with Mike Park, but he was such a nice person and he runs a great label.

"So Spraynard went ahead and made the punk record of the century, and then, because they are obnoxiously nice guys, they decided to give it away for free so they can spread their positive message of waking up and not caring and maximizing potential to the world. Get into it.

It's a lot like the Mighty Ducks. Or the Little Giants. Or even the Big Green. You know all those kids' sports movies (not Air Bud) where the team of future pro athletes who look like they are twenty-five years old even though they are supposed to be in middle school get wrecked in the big game by a gang of lovable misfits who are obviously there because they love the game and not because they really care all that much about winning? It's a lot like that, except the kids on steroids are actually Screeching Weasel or something and Spraynard can't ice skate. It's a metaphor, people. It's not going to be perfect.

But basically, this is an amazing record made by some of the best people you'll ever meet. Download it, listen to it non-stop for the next few weeks, and then go sing along with them on their big US tour this summer. I'm pretty sure you'll have a good time."
-If You Make It

I wouldn't call it the punk album of the century, but definitely the best one so far this year. Hurrah!

Listen Here

Monday, April 11, 2011

You And Me by Open Hand (2005)

Kind of like: Silent Drive, The Sleeping
Genres: Rock, Indie, Pop

Some bands are really hard for me to categorize. It literally took me 10 minutes to scroll through my library and think of bands Open Hand sounds like. Regardless, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. Hands down. Pun intended. Released in 2005, You And Me is 14 songs beautifully crafted to fit together in a seamless fabric of story and intrigue. Ranging dynamically from soft whispers and sparse guitars to full pounding drums and riffs layered across a solid-as-fuck rhythm section. It's dancy, rockin, poppy, and emotive.

Listen here

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Call the Cops!! by Nightmare River Band (2010)

Kind of Like: Bomb the Music Industry!, Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!, Akron/Family(!)
Genres: Folk, Punk, Indie
Preview: Bandcamp
*Tracks to check out first: Jeffrey Bahmer, To The Sea, Mrs. Meyers, Procreate

This was suggested to me by my friend Matt, I linked him to the new Small Brown Bike and he linked me to this.  This band is folk band with punk rock sensibility.  They sing songs that are easily accessible.  I have gotten drunk the past three nights.  I swore I would not until after the two tests I have this week, but this album sounds like something I would like to have a rowdy good time listening to.  I'm sure they would sound best listening to them play live in a shitty bar, but they convey that atmosphere very well in this album.

“If you have never seen these guys live then get up off your butt the next time they are in town and glue your eyes and ears open! These guys are a modern marvel of original music that comes from out of New York… Listening to these guys is pure bliss. We’re talking brass, chiors, accordians, even some Uke… the whole shebang!”
- Wes, Lithium Waltz

Listen Here

Fell & Found by Small Brown Bike (2011)

Kind of Like: Hot Water Music, CSTVT, The Lawrence Arms, Avail
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Emo, Indie, Punk
Preview: Official Site, Click Listen to preview the tracks

These guys are sort of a local thing around my parts.  They broke up in 2004 and just got back together a couple years ago.  This is their brand spankin' new album.  I think I put CSTVT because I just saw them and they were fuckin' awesome.  Actually they do sound like eachother a little bit.  Check this album out though, it is really solid. If you aren't from here, go see them at Fest at least.  Plus, their name comes from their working experience as bike mechanics.  I know you guys like riding bikes, right?  Also, I hate how I write short little blurbs for albums I immediately like and a whole novel for albums I'm on the fence about.  I am liking this more and more by the minute.  Or maybe I'm just drunk.  Nah, fuck it. Strong eight.  Poo...Small Brown bike...Fell & Found....FOREVER.

Update:  It is now morning; I am now sober.  This album is the real deal, I would put a link to order the LP but I am having a hard time finding one.  Not even on the label's site.  Probably will be when it comes out officially on the 26th.  It was recorded in Chicago with J Robbins (best known for his work with Jets to Brazil, The Dismemberment Plan and Promise Ring).

Listen Here

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stab The New Cherry EP by The Bulletproof Tiger

Kind of like: Rooftops, This Town Needs Guns, Piglet
Genres: Math Rock, Post-rock

Super tasty Math/Post Rock from Ontario, Canada. This band shreds to no end. I've been waiting for a full length album, but this EP will keep me entertained for a long time. I hope to see these guys live in the near future, and if you get the chance to, I say do it.

Here is a nice wordy bio:

"From the depths of southern Ontario, this four-piece skirts vocals for calculated yet tuneful waves of tapping-heavy phrases that stay true to slightly dirty, pretty reverby, kinda middy tone that the genre has come to monopolize: enough for the notes to have some teeth, clear enough to make sure all the dexterous string mangling actually gets heard. And having long ditched the picking hand/fretboard hand binary, the band’s decidedly egalitarian approach is not only expressed on their guitar necks, but through their frontman-free take to stage presence."
-Last FM

And check them out on Facebook, they post some hilarious and random shit.


Gloss Drop by Battles (2011)

Kind of Like: Adebisi Shank, Volta Do Mar, Don Caballero
Genres: Math rock, Electronica, Experimental
Note: Guest vocals: MATIAS AGUAYO, they are actually more of an instrumental band.

My first impression of Battles was their video for their hit Atlases a few years ago.  I thought it was catchy, but it was far to redundant for proclaimed math rock band.  A lot of the songs on here have a true math rock sensibility, but I think instead of alternating between different tempos and time changes, this band seems to become obsessed with a unique beat and rhythm for long durations- sometimes for an entire song.  This is can become tedious, especially when songs average over four minutes in length.  That being said their track opener "Africastle" is actually a pretty varied and fun song, there is even a couple cool low brass samples thrown in near the end.  I think I have a greater appreciation for this band than my first impression, but I don't know how long this will be in my rotation.

Listen Here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Infrastructure by Ghostlimb (2011)

Kind of Like: Graf Orlock, Dangers, Trainwreck
Genres: Hardcore, Punk
Preview: Bandcamp

Lots of solid hardcore releases so far this year.  Here is one that has been a long time coming: Ghostlimb's third LP.

"Ridiculously pissed hardcore with elements of melody, thrash, and general poor disposition, ghostlimb compile all the rage a minute long song can handle with sprinklings of social critique and dissatisfied sarcasm."

Buy the LP here
Listen Here

I Want That You Are Always Happy by The Middle East (2011)

Kind of Like:  Boy & Bear, Grails, Godspeed You!, Fleet Foxes, Paul Simon
Genres: Post-rock, Folk, Ambient, Indie

As previously mentioned, my relationship with the Middle East started innocent enough.  I saw their SXSW set on IFC about a year ago.  Their previous album, which is also featured right here on this blog (link), was pretty good.  There were some songs that were really good that I listen to still, but the rest was fairly forgettable.  This album seems like a maturation on their part.  It starts off gloomier than the previous album, and I feel the album is a bit less upbeat in general than their last.  The first couple songs are like a cup completely full of water; they swell but they never reach that breaking point.  Then there are a few songs that do and also some more upbeat songs.  I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to listen to this song and when the vocals come in, DO NOT THINK OF PAUL SIMON.  Can you do it?

That being said, the vocals are pretty varied.  But, I think the overall feeling of the vocals throughout the album (and even the instruments perhaps) is haunting.  The songs in general are pretty varied, and I think overall this album is quite a soothing experience, from the early swells to the piano with just a strange old sounding voice clip superimposed in the background in "Sydney to Newcastle":

Since the album has a plethora of sounds, here is one more preview:

Listen Here

A Forest Of Polarity by Rooftops

Kind of like: Nuomenon, Six Gallery, Maps & Atlases
Genres: Math Rock, Experimental

Amazing band. Feeling lazy so here is what Last FM says:

"Rooftops are a math rock band from Bellingham, Washington. Some of their influences are The Americas, Par Coliss, Maps & Atlases, and Don Caballero.[...]The record was listed as one the top 10 albums of the year (of any kind) at Pacific NW retailer Everyday Music locations in both Bellingham, WA and Portland, OR. What’s Up Magazine proclaimed the album was, “The most intricately beautiful math pop album I have ever heard”. The band will embark on a series of tours across the continental United States beginning in Early 2010."

Listen Here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ah, As If... by Raein (2011)

Kind of Like: La Quiete, Suis La Lune, Daitro
Genres: Screamo
Preview: Myspace

When I think of Italian screamo, I think of La Quiete and then these guys.  I have seen a couple write-ups on this album already, and nobody seems to mention La Quiete.  First of all, they share a drummer, and secondly, they actually sound pretty similar (big surprise).  90's screamo started here in Amah-ri-cuh, then ten years later it jumped the pond to Europe where it has been pretty damn active since the turn of the century.  La Quiete and Raein are Italy's (and perhaps Europe's in general) pioneers for the movement over there. This latest album collects all the material from the mid-era raein, including all the songs from their split records plus the amazing döden marscherar ät väst 7" plus a couple of really hard to find songs.  You can buy it here for 9 Euros or get it for promo uses below.  Enjoy some real violent emotional music from some of the best.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sedentary by American Heritage (2011)

Kind of Like: Gaza, Metallica, Mastodon
Genres: Metal, Mathcore, Sludge, Progressive
Preview: Myspace

Remember how I said Trap Them will rip you a new asshole?  Well have you ever wanted three assholes?  Because this band will probably rip you another one.  The album starts with a piercing blood-curdling scream and then all hell breaks loose.  I'm not a big fan of the metal-esque vox in the first song, but the songs seem to alternate between those vocals and skramz.  Either way, the music absolutely rips, which anybody can appreciate no matter what the vocals are. You know you are a bad ass metal band when you have songs like "Kiddie Pool of Baby Blood", "Fetal Attraction" and "Chaotic Obliteration".  I mean, just look at how metal they are:

Handle bar moustache, coming soon to a Poo near you.  Or at least the chops back again.  Why did I ever shave?

Listen Here

12 Desperate Straight Lines by Telekinesis

Kind of like: Death Cab For Cutie, Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin
Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Telekinesis delivers quality Indie Rock with very catchy Pop hooks. Working previously with Chris Walla (most notably from DCFC fame), 12 Desperate Straight Lines flows like an Indie Rock album should. Accessible dynamics and straightforward song structures help to craft this release into something noteworthy for a genre that is quickly becoming over saturated with lo-fi hipster pop (particularly in the Pacific Northwest). This is feel good, intelligent Indie Rock album and will surely be in heavy rotation as the sun comes out.

Check out the online store at Merge Records to buy a copy. Also, check out the other bands on their roster, tons of great music.

Listen here

The Saddest Landscape/We Were Skeletons Split (2011)

Kind of Like: Kidcrash, Off Minor, Suis La Lune, Pianos Become the Teeth
Genres: Screamo, Post-Hardcore
Preview: The Saddest Landscape Myspace, We Were Skeletons Myspace

This is a 3 song long split; one longer song by The Saddest Landscape, and medium and shorter song by We Were Skeletons.  You can get your own copy of this from noneother than Topshelf for only five dollars here.  Otherwise you can get it below for promotional use only and you MUST delete it after 24 hours.  It will make your computer explode if you don't.

Listen Here

Darker Handcraft by Trap Them (2011)

Kind of Like: Converge, All Pigs Must Die, Everytime I Die
Genres: Hardcore, Grindcore, Mathcore, Metal, Punk
Preview: Myspace

I kept seeing this all over the place.  But for some reason I never got around to seeing if I liked it.  I saw they were coming to Toledo with Converge and many people compared them to Converge so I decided it was time.  These guys have speed and dischord like Converge, the riffs and attitude like ETID, and then some grind.  Mix it all up and rip a new asshole with it, and that's what this band is like.

Listen Here

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Truncheons In The Manor by Amateur Party (2011)

Kind of Like: The Clash, World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Strokes, No Knife
Genres: Punk, Post-Hardcore, Pop Punk

Amateur Party boasts an all-star line up of Philadelphia musicians that have played in such bands as Armalite, Off Minor, and Kill the Man Who Questions.  They are a catchy punk band with post-hardcore elements thrown in every now and then.  If you are going to Fest 10 this year, you can catch them there as well.  Want some feel good music for summer time?  Here ya go.  And if you were disappointed with the Strokes new album and you yearn for more of that throwback twangy guitar ya go.

Listen Here

Dig Up The Dead by Mansions (2011)

Kind of Like: Person L, I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
Genres: Emo, Indie, Pop
Preview: Myspace

"Mansions is a rock band based out of Louisville, KY. On record it has consisted solely of Christopher Browder, but live he is joined by Sal Cassato on drums and Ryan Davis on bass. Mansions plays indie-pop-rock sometimes described as The Get Up Kids meets Ryan Adams meets Dinosaur Jr. Their lyrics are often powerful and blunt, but many listeners can easily relate to the things their songs portray."

Look for this guy touring with I Can Make A Mess and Into It. Over It.  They all will be in Lansing in a month or so.  Woo!  I almost feel like breaking up with my girlfriend just so I can be in the right mood to listen to this.  Lots of angst and longing coming from this album.  Not to mention great composition and thematic development from this songwriter.

Listen Here

Monday, April 4, 2011

Now's Your Chance EP by My Brother, The Vulture (2011)

Kind of Like: La Dispute, Every Time I Die, As Cities Burn, Letlive
Genres: Emo, Post-Hardcore, Screamo,
Preview: Bandcamp

This band is alright.  I definitely am a sucker for the southern kind of hardcore that is reminiscent of Every Time I Die in their prime.  I don't like the vocalist at times though.  The influence of Letlive is a little bit of a put-off for me because I was on the fence about that band too.  But if you like one or two of the bands they are in vein of you may find something to like about them or you just may like them a whole bunch.

Listen Here

Mountain Smashers by By Surprise (2011)

Kind of Like: Hightide Hotel, Streetsmart Cyclist, Superchunk
Genres: Emo, Indie, Post-punk, Math Rock

Update: Here is the high quality version

Been eagerly awaiting this to leak.  Thanks to the guys from Banana Approved Music for ripping the stream initially for me because some reason my computer can't.  I have a vinyl version coming in the mail soon, so excited. Great release from one of the better indiemo bands out there at the moment.  I will update this with a link to the higher quality full album in the next couple days.

Listen Here
Buy It Here (Support Good Music!)

Grey Savior Split by Pulling Teeth/Irons (2011)

Genres: Hardcore, Punk, Doom, Metal, Ambient, Post-rock, Experimental
Preview: Deathwish Go to audio player and click on digital 12" to preview

Here is an interesting split.  The first four songs are by Irons featuring Jacob Bannon (vocalist of Converge) and Dwid Hellion (vocalist of Integrity).  Irons is an experimental ambient project.  Meanwhile the last two songs are from Pulling Teeth which move between hardcore punk, crossover thrash, thrash metal and doom metal.

Listen Here

Tantale by Monogrenade

Kind of like: Arcade Fire (ish?), Mumford and Sons (maybe?)
Genre: Pop, Experimental
*check out the music video for this track (full screen). very trippy and filmed completely in stop motion*

"The Montreal based musical formation Monogrenade, with Jean-Michel Pigeon (keyboard, guitar, vocals), Frederic B. Girard (vocals), Mathieu Collette (drums, glockenspield, electro) and François Lessard (bass), offers a rich variety of textures and soundscapes. Their exciting melodies, haunting rhythms and aerial pop create a unique and eclectic assortment."
-Last FM

I haven't been able to stop listening to this album for a solid two weeks now. Think electro/acoustic pop music, but with a more experimental and orchestrated arrangement. Cello is prevalent through the entire album and adds a very unique atmosphere to the overall ambiance. Note: the entire album is in French. I love this personally, and I think it is beautiful, but if understanding and comprehending lyrics is your prerogative, heed warning.

Listen Here

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chicago Bowls by Dikembe (2011)

Kind of Like: By Surprise, Snowing, Prawn
Genres: Emo
Preview: Band Camp

Man, I have no business posting right now.  I am going to be late for work for sure.  But I needed to put this band on my iPod before work.  And I needed to put this on here before I left.  This band came out of nowhere for me.  They are from Florida, and only have 7 listeners on and under a 100 plays.  Imagine the epic emo Prawn is capable of mixed with a little Snowing noodliness (and the singers sound similar) and put it all together with a little By Surprise, I guess.

Listen Here