Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soul Deep 100 (2012)

Kind of Like: James Brown, Edwin Starr, Jackson 5
Genres: Soul, Motown
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This is a change of pace for you guys.  Time to stop pushing and shoving and just dance your ass off.  Soul Deep, like Funk Night, is another cool thing that happens around Detroit.  It's run by this DJ, Mike, that has a whole slew of old 45's from the 60's.  He does Soul Deep at Frank's in Wyandotte on Sundays, and at the Sky Bar in Detroit on Thursdays.

The biggest bummer about working the weekends is that now I miss Soul Deep on Sundays.  It's at a hole in the wall bar, but the drinks are cheap and a ton of young people show.  So, it's always a good time.

I go on Thursdays at the Sky Bar now, and I don't get why more kids don't come downtown to go to this one instead.  The Sky Bar is swanky as hell and there is no cover charge.  It is just a lot nicer of a place and they have cool lights and such.  I am all for a Detroit revival, and since kids are already coming out on Sundays, it would be nice to start seeing them come down to the one in Detroit.  They are known for their martinis, and even though I felt like a tool with a martini glass, two of those things had me in a...superb mood.

This album is a collection of the songs Mike spun for the New Year's Day Soul Deep.  He got them off of the vinyl retaining great quality and even added in the fade outs for a seamless dance session.

If you head out to Frank's this Sunday, he will be doing a special set in respect of the late Etta James that passed on the 20th.

Wait, I have to type all the artist names in the label section anyways.  Dammit.

Listen Here:

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