Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coming soon to a city near you!

"The New Face of Vinyl is a project that explores why young people across the United States have started a digital “devolution” by becoming vinyl record enthusiasts. Throughout the country, young people are buying more and more vinyl, thus getting back to the analog roots of listening to music. Collecting and listening to vinyl l has become a unique experience for many teens and young adults throughout the world who have chosen to explore the once forgotten black wax. Photographer Ben Meadors and writer Owen McCafferty are setting out to discover what vinyl means to these enthusiasts, and will create a full color photo book along with a narrative to tell the story."

Just found out about this. Apparently these guys are making a book full of interviews with young people about why they collect and listen to records. The cities they are visiting include San Francisco, LA, Cleveland, NY, and Nashville. So if you live in those areas and/or are an avid vinyl collector, make sure to fill out this survey and they just may interview you!

Sadly, Detroit seems to be missing from the list. When I filled it out, I made sure to include a little blurb about how they should visit us because we have some incredible record stores and people out here are really passionate about their vinyl. So if you're from Detroit or the surrounding area, please fill this out and be sure to include why they should come here. Hopefully they decide to come by our neck of the woods!

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