Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Awkward Breeds by the Sidekicks (2012)

Kind of Like: Cheap Girls, The State Lottery,
Genres: Punk, Pop Punk, Indie
Spotify: Ya

This is the brand new LP from the Sidekicks.  A month or so ago their EP Grace was featured on here, and that was their introduction to the first single "Grace" off of this LP.  If you really liked Cheap Girls latest release, then you can look forward to this one as well.  Feel good pop punk.

If you really like them, you can also check out this track by track interview with their guitarist/singer, Steve.

Listen Here:

Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II by Earth (2012)

Kind of Like: Grails, Sun O))), Electric Wizard
Genres: Drone, Doom, Stoner Rock, Sludge, Post-rock
Spotify: Ya
Preview: Myspace

You may remember Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light I, from last year.  That was one of my favorite albums of last year.  I was wondering if the "I" at the end implied there would be more to come, and looky here.  This leaked a while ago; I saw Music As Heroin featured this.  But, this is my first go at listening to it. I am only a minute into the first song and can tell this is going to be another stripped-down, laid-back, introverted adventure (introverted adventure? LOL).  As a listener, you really get to bask in the tones of the instruments.  Compared to their earlier works of drone metal, Angels I and II is more like being in a desert.  A dark, heavy, experimental desert.  Perhaps one of Dali's deserts?

Listen Here:

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ancient Sky - T.R.I.P.S. [2012]

For Fans Of: Cherry Coke, Chief Nowhere, Darkest Hour
Genres: Psychedelic, Stoner Rock, Blues
Spotify: Yes

This Brooklyn-based foursome was formed by members of several different bands, including Darkest Hour and You Are The Drum. According to Last.Fm: "Think stoney, droning, trance-inducing psychedelic, without a bunch of meandering nonsense." People seem to really be enjoying this album. To my knowledge, they aren't touring as of right now, but here's footage from their performance at Death by Audio in Brooklyn on January 27th:

Clicking below will send you to their Bandcamp, where you can purchase the album for $5.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

B.Lewis - Plug EP [2011]

For Fans Of: MNDSGn, fLako, Madlib
Genres: Instrumental, Hip-Hop, Soul
Spotify: Facebook

This sums up how I feel about this album:

"If Plug EP were a planet, it would have a loosely dub, house, break beat surface that’s absolutely soul to the core. But, of course, it’s not a planet. Instead, it’s an eight-track adventure with synth, electro-piano and hip-hop drum cracks that’ll only sound extraterrestrial."

Cheap Girls - Giant Orange [2012]

For Fans Of: The Sidekicks, Lemuria, Sundials
Genres: Indie, Pop Punk
Spotify: Yes

I finally found a copy of this! So excited! Cheap Girls is a trio from Lansing, Michigan. This is their third full-length, and it was produced by Tom Gabriel of Against Me!. Bands like this are the lovechild of power-pop and 90's college rock. They aren't reinventing the wheel here, that's for sure, but the simplicity, sturdy craftsmanship, and potential for sing-along-ness makes for some great albums, and this one is no exception.

Ahleuchatistas - Location Loacation [2011]

For Fans Of: Sleeping People, Cinemechanica, Them Roaringtwenties
Genres: Math Rock, Experimental, Instrumental
Spotify: Facebook

I was a bit surprised to learn that we had not put these guys up yet. Ahleuchatistas, who take their name from a Charlie Parker composition, are two guys from Asheville, North Carolina. This is the first album released sans-bassist (he was featured on their previous five albums), and although the sound has morphed from it's jazzy-punk roots, the band still grinds pretty hard. Instead of feeling a little hollowed out by the lack of bass, the frantic arrhythmic heartbeat sound is still just as erratic as ever, which is what made me like them in the first place. They have just finished tracking for their new album, so look out for that on SIGD soon!

Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss [2005]

For Fans Of: Godspeed, Mono, I Hear Sirens
Genres: Post-rock, Instrumental, Ambient
Spotify: Yes

Here's a Post-rock group from Canterbury, United Kingdom. The band formed back in 2001, and Enjoy Eternal Bliss was their self-released EP that came out back in 2005. I know what you're thinking: "Sigh. Another Post-rock band. Sighhhh". BUT these guys can more than hold their own in this realm. I've been listening to this a lot lately and have yet to even begin to grow tired of it. Once the sprawling violins enter your ears, you won't be able to help but enjoy listening to this. As of right now, they are working on new material, and according to their website, this album will be available on colored vinyl very soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demo - Marietta (2012)

Kind of Like: Old Gray, Braid, The Promise Ring, Dowsing
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Indie
Spotify: Not Officially
Website: Facebook

These guys are bursting on the scene from Philly's seedy underbelly of emo.  When my friend told me that these guys were a bunch of 18 year olds attending Temple, it made me appreciate it that much more.  These kids are young, but as I told my friend, they have extremely mature sense of direction when writing music.  Moreso than a lot of bands much older than them.  I would like to say that this demo is dripping with potential, but that would seem like it is subpar.  It's good in it's own right, but the fact these guys are just starting makes me excited to hear what they will do after this demo.  So, double whammy; it's pretty damn good and it's got potential.

Listen Here:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radio Show Tonight!

Love this picture, hate tequila. (click to enlarge)

Since we messed up last week do to microphone issues, we are going to try to feature the bands that didn't get a fair listen so that we can at least record the show and then throw it up here later.  If you know the bands personally, let them know, I think they will like the attention, no? Until the show, you can check out that MF Doom live thing.  I got the time messed up, it started at 3 PM EST, his set isn't on until 5 PM.  They just had a bunch of technical difficulties, but I think it's under control now (we aren't the only ones!).  Jneiro Janel is about to start spinning, and then you'll have a chance to see MF Doom DJ after him.

SHIT:  I meant to put 7, not 8.  The one thing I fuck up is one of the more important parts, hahaha.  Join my label, I'm sloppy!

MF DOOM live video stream today/tonight!

Heads up to you MF Doom, fans.  The one and only (besides his various fake impersonators) will be DJing alongside Dr Who Dat? at the Boiler Room (UK?).  If you aren't able to go to the actual event, you can watch a live video stream of his set at this link.  It starts at 8 PM GMT, which translates to 3 PM EST for people around here.  I think.  I would take this opportunity to try and catch him live, because at least if he doesn't show up, at least you didn't pay for it...or did you?

Also, if you don't like MF Doom (or you do and have a good sense of humor) and want to listen to Aziz Ansari poke fun at him and Dr. Dre, here is a link to brighten your day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jeromes Dream Interview via For All Masters

The guys at, recently did an interview with Eric from Jeromes Dream.  After listening to it, I thought since we featured them before some people here would be interested in listening to this.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Look Pa, Bigfoot - Drunk Neighbours (2012)

Kind of Like: Crywank, Crude Drawings of Dicks
Genre(s): Acoustic-Punk
Download Free: Bandcamp
  I hope that this valentine's day EP release hasn't arrived too late for anybody this year. I say, there is always time to settle that empty feeling in your life with the humble chords of a solo artist that screams and that sings about love and lonely hearts, sex and all the arts from that house next door that's always buzzing with those endearing old notes accompanied by the passionately honest delivery of each truth-bearing line. Despite the endless empties and haze of marijuana that would spill over into your lawn, you all admit to loving your Drunk Neighbours for exactly what they bring to your life. Lyrics will be posted soon.

Olympians - Foreign Language [2010]

For Fans Of: Freelance Whales, Local Natives, Fanfarlo
Genres: Indie Pop, Math Rock, Folk
Spotify: Yes

Olympians are four strapping young lads from Norwich who play exhilarating sing-along math-pop/indie-pop. They started out by playing a guitar, bass, and some drums in one of the member's basements for fun. Since then, they've expanded to two guitars, a keyboard, a glockenspiel (one of my favorite instruments/favorite words in the English language), and a trumpet. They do a lot of cute ba-ba-ba-ing in their songs, like in the video for "Wake Up Old":

The song I put up for the preview portion starts off slowly, but if you hang on and listen to the whole thing, it's worth it! Their Bandcamp has a lot of stuff on sale as well as some free downloads.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bon Iver at Air Studios

Seeing Justin Vernon surrounded by his massive touring band, churning out the jams on an ever-growing stage, is a magical thing. Or so I've heard. If you're like me and have regrettably managed to miss their live performances the last couple of times they've rolled into town, you can settle (at least for the time being) for seeing him and Sean Carey in a studio, re-interpreting their songs into smaller and more subtle re-inventions. This video is most definitely worth your time if you're a fan of Bon Iver.
Hinnom, TX
I Can’t Make You Love Me

Beach Fossils - Shallow [2012]

For Fans Of: Craft Spells, Wild Nothing, Surfer Blood
Genres: Lo-Fi, Surf Rock, Indie Pop
Spotify: Ya

I've been in love with Beach Fossils ever since I heard "Golden Age" from their 2010 self-titled release. The carefree vibe of each catchy tune makes their albums the perfect soundtrack to a long drive on a sunny day. This 7" was just released last week (purchase here), and features two new songs. Hopefully we will see another great full-length from them soon.

Introducing the StreamPad Feature

You may notice the little bar or "padding" on the lower part of our website.  This is a new feature powered by StreamPad.  Basically, this nifty little tool will automatically search your entire site for direct links to mp3s and then make them available to play directly from the StreamPad bar.  So, you will also notice at the end of each post from now on, there is a small StreamPad link to a specific song from that artist.  This is so that the application is able to find an mp3 for that post.    I would recommend to click on the button that opens the player in a new window.  That way you could listen to music while you browse the site without interruption, and if you hear something you immediately like, you can go to the player and click the song and it will send you right to the post it is featured in!  Neat!

(Hint to the other authors of the site that want to use a specific song in their posts: Kiwi6)

Kubichek - Not Enough Tonight [2007]

For Fans Of: Dogs, DARTZ!, Look See Proof
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Pop Punk
Spotfity: Yepyep

Kubicheck! was another British indie group that formed back in 2004, and then dismembered four years later. They're perfect for anyone who likes a bellyful of bright, bold, guitar skewed pop songs. From their Lastfm:

"Creators of this year’s best indie rock debut; make no mistake, Newcastle’s Kubichek! are a devoutly special band. As incendiary as the intentionally explosive exclamation mark that doorstops their moniker, like all the best bands, they come armed with a musical manifesto – a mission statement if you will – that encompasses their lust for uncompromising DIY punk jitter, noir tinged, New Wave tainted atmos, and feedback swamped melodic sass. Said debut, ‘Not Enough Night’ is evocative of their variety in palate; a record that perfectly plots their brilliance over twelve explosive, contrasting melodic assaults, announcing their arrival to the world with aplomb. It is a stunning debut missive."

Check out this Streampad thingy we've got goin' on. You can now listen to songs while blogwalking for songs to listen to!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

DARTZ - The Sad History Of The Village Of Alnerique [2008]

For Fans Of: Tellison, Colour, Algiers
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Indie Pop
Spotify: Yes

I've referred to DARTZ! in a couple of previous posts, so I figured I may as well throw this up. This trio is from the U.K. and includes members of The Maple State, and Algiers. The more I listen to their albums, the more they become one of my favorite Math Rock bands. Those Brits really seem to know what they're doing in this realm. Sadly, the band dismembered back in 2009 because of internal conflicts between the three members, but they left listeners with a great body of work to explore. I highly recommend downloading their whole discog if you find this to be something you like.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Palo Verde - Zero Hour [2012}

For Fans Of: Black Sabbath, Shellac, Jucifer
Genres: Metal, Noise Rock, Sludge
Spotify: Yessir

Palo Verde is a highly improvisational all-female, metal/sludge/noise duo from Portland, OR. The band initially formed as experimental double-drum duo called Stick-It-In, but evolved into the current improvisational guitar/drums incarnation. Since 2006, they have performed extensively in the Northwest and throughout the U.S., sharing the stage with bands such as Jucifer, Thrones, Black Elk, Japanther, and Kusikia. Drummer Lauren K also plays guitar in the blistering LKN. We rarely ever get to witness women participate in metal music, and it always makes me happy to see talented women musicians make a name for themselves. Here's a review from Bitch Magazine:

"If you like dark, pared-down, and unapologetic un-catchy music check out Palo Verde, a two-piece powerhouse of a band. Lauren K's smashing drums and Terrica Kleinknecht distorted guitar are like a metal show that could fit in your living room. Don't expect some pop song that will be stuck in your head. Their songs grow slowly and organically, turning into a swirling growl of psychedelic guitar and mesmerizing drumming. Streaming their songs online just barely do justice to their sound, and if you get the chance to see them live you'll be treated to some of the most intense drumming of your life. (Don't forget to bring your anti-face melting serum)." -- Bitch Magazine

Town Portal - Vacuum Horror [2011]

For Fans Of: Maserati, Stage Kids, Dios Trio
Genres: Math Rock, Post-rock, Instrumental
Spotify: Facebook

Town Portal is a relatively new band from Copenhagen. The trio mixed this six-track EP themselves last summer, with the help of the mighty Carl Amburn (Russian Circles, Self-Evident, Riddle of Steel, etc.) Here's a litte description they were kind enough to send to us:

"Town Portal play instrumental rock that crosses borders of genres. Tapping on experience from earlier endeavors in genres like death metal, shoegaze and math rock, the three members bring components of it all into a melting pot, creating a unique niche of original melodies and harmonies, fixated on a skeleton of complex and playful rhythm structures. Under the dogma of forsaking vocals and other superfluous effects, the band throw themselves into a search of new meaningful ways to compose tones over time, with a heavy and dry precision.

After a European tour in 2010 and a minor row of Danish shows, they released their debut EP entitled Vacuum Horror in late 2011. The EP was followed up by another European tour in the beginning of 2012. In Denmark the EP was praised in several large- and small scale magazines, and the opening track Rosini is currently in rotation on national Danish radio, DR P6. A surprising outcome for an instrumental band, with its roots heavily planted in the DIY scenes ethics and methods. At the moment they’re preparing the recording of their debut album set to be released later this year."

Looking forward to that debut full-length!

回帰する呼吸 (recur breath) EP by the Cabs (2011)

Kind of Like: Climb the Mind, This Town Needs Guns, malegoat
Genres: Screamo, Emo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore
Spotify: For their old album, yes.

Taking a little break from my paper thing I'm working on.  Time to write about something that I REEEEALLY like writing about.  Somebody in the chat box was asking for the new album by the Cabs called, Ocur (Occur?) Breath.  I figured he was talking about the japanese band, the Cabs, that we featured back in December.   I remember that this album by the Cabs was the one I initially wanted to feature/listen to, but I only had luck finding their first album that ultimately was put up on this site.  Feel free to read that post here.

I figured I would give it another go trying to find this album that came out a couple months ago.  It was a wild goose chase, but I found a link that worked.  I am really glad because I like this new EP better than the one that I previously listened to.  Excellent musicianship.

Hint: jpddl

Algiers - Blood 7 [2012]

For Fans Of: African drums
Genres: Gospel, No Wave, Soul
Spotify: Facebook
Preview: Blood 7 Inch

Regular SIGD readers will remember Algiers as the Indie Pop duo with former members of The Maple State and DARTZ!. This, however, is a whole different kind of group, but with the same name. The trio describe themselves as an "experimental gospel no wave soul pulp band". They're based in Atlanta, Georgia, or as they refer to it: "the rotten hub of the Ol' American South, wehre W.E.B. Dubois once saw a riot goin' on, and where the hell and high water swirls 'round the trees." Check out the vid for the song in the preview up top:

I was enjoying the song right away but the video made me get into it more. I like when that happens.

Chasing Paperboy - EP [2012]

For Fans Of: CSTVT, By Surprise, Algernon Cadawallader
Genres: Pop Punk, Indie, Emo
Spotify: Facebook

Chasing Paperboy is an emo/indie/pop punk foursome from France. Their EP is set to be released in April, but you can listen to the whole thing and/or purchase the digital version via their Bandcamp. I'm really liking this EP more and more with every listen; it's one of those albums that's energetic and super catchy from start to finish. Unfortunately the digital download hasn't been leaked yet. If you don't feel like spending the money and would rather wait until a download is available for the EP, you can download their Demo below instead.

Creo En Mí - Nunca Más [2011]

For Fans Of: Kid Dynamite, Dag Nasty, Paint It Black
Genres: Punk mothafunkin' rock. And some hardcore in there too.
Spotify: Facebook

It's been quite a while since I've heard a punk band as refreshing as this. Alex, Sebas, and Andres, also known as Creo En Mí, are impressive up and comers from Guatemala who are eager to share their music. As another reviewer put it, "They have that elusive combination of ferocity and melody that makes your blood feel like it's on fire."

Here's a short promotional made for their albume release show that they recently sent to us. I don't know what they're saying but it's well-done and features a cute doggie.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Radio Show, Featuring...

Tonight the show will be featuring bands like: Barrow, Dr. Dog, You Blew It!, Dikembe, Weak Teeth, Invalids, Isosceles Mountain, and if I told you all of them it wouldn't be as fun.  Background music this weak will be provided by The Flashbulb's Opus at the End of Everything.  See you at either 7:00 PM, or it will be up for download tomorrow.  Go Red Wings!

Remember: You can always call in and request music or even just shoot the shit with us.  Especially if you are in one of the bands we feature. (313-593-5515, we are live tonight 7-8:30 EST)

update: sorry we had technical difficulties. We will play the bands that werent heard next week.

Opus at the End of Everything by The Flashbulb (2012)

Nerd alert.

Kind of Like: Cloudkicker, Library Tapes, Venetian Snares
Genres: Electronica, Experimental, Ambient, Breakcore, Jazz
Spotify: Yesh

I featured Benn Jordan's last album under his alias, The Flashbulb back earlier last year.  That album, Love as a Cold, Dark Hallway, was heavily jazz influenced; more so than most of his other albums.  Most of his work still has a minimal jazz influence whether it be chords or what not, and this new album is no exception.  However, this album reminds me more of the ambiance of Cloudkicker's latest album, Let Yourself Be Huge.  There is very limited jazz and even very limited breakcore involved in this album which ends up being quite a deviation from what you usually hear from Benn Jordan.  That's probably the best part about this guy's music though is that he is always experimenting with himself and his equipment.

I actually found out this new album dropped last night, and it really helped me get through my studies.  It is simply massive as well.  He just came out with Love about a year ago, and then he drops this hour long 25 track album.  Granted, it isn't his most technical and impressive music I have heard, but I highly recommend all of Benn's work, he is a really great musician/composer.

Listen Here:

Friday, February 10, 2012

"Scherbatsky" by Snowing (2012)

Kind of Like: Def Leppard
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Indie, Post-hardcore
Spotify: Not this release, but yes this artist
Buy: Square of Oppostition

I just got my 7" in the mail a couple of days ago for Snowing's self-proclaimed final release.  It is two outtakes from their recording session for their last LP I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted.  You've heard "Pump Fake" before, but it's a real treat that they rerecorded this jam.  The other previously unheard song "Scherbatsky", is another catchy gem that's a wonder why it didn't make it on the LP (easy way to win me over?  Use a Bukowski reference in the first line).  If you really dig Snowing, this is a nice final piece to a collection.  I found a link for "Scherbatsky" but not the new version of "Pump Fake"

Update: Visit the new blog Boss Koala for a link to the 7 inch including the new version of "Pump Fake" as well as "Scherbatsky".

Listen Here:

Mimas - Lifejackets [2011]

For Fans Of: Tangled Hair, Colour, Rooftops, This Town Needs Guns
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Post-rock
Spotify: You betcha

Here's a foursome from Denmark, and their second full-length. Lifejackets hooks you right from the beginning with catchy harmonies and handclaps and horns. It is unique in its ability to span a huge range: acoustic/folksy parts accompanied with warm vocals, some post-rock/instrumental elements, and fast guitar/thumping drum parts. There are songs about mustache appreciation, songs about having the "manflu", and songs about shitty relationships. In fact most of the lyrics are pretty quirky/witty, which makes it even more fun to listen to. Here's a sample from the fourth track, "Sodapop Stalkers":

"The state stated that they will start stopping stalkers, stalking girls standing at stands asking for still-water after having spent all their cheddar on teeth-jobs and diet-soda.

Sodapop stalkers.

After having stopped five of these stalkers and spitting in a dollar-bill per minute per person, they stopped giving a flying fuck about those fuckers."

I'm not entirely sure how he manages to sing all of that so fast and not mess up.

Tangled Hair - Apples [2011]

For Fans Of: Colour, Tall Ships, Pennines
Genres: Math Rock, Math Pop, Indie
Spotify: Yus

Another Indie band from the U.K. on Big Scary Monster Records. This label has some great artists, and Tangled Hair is no exception. Former members of Colour formed this trio back in 2009, and they have cranked out some great tunes since the 2010 release of their debut EP, aptly titled First.

First was a great EP and I would say it is still their best work (see Just Like That), but
Apples is a close second. The first and last songs are probably my favorites from the album. Overall it is a good mix of complex and unstable time signatures, mixed with vocals that vary from slow whispers to shouts to full-on frantic outbursts. Good stuff.