Monday, January 30, 2012

Light Bearer by &U&I

Kind of like: Blackfish, Brontide, Hold Your Horse Is
Genres: Math-Rock, Post-Hardcore

The British scene seems to be blowing up right now with amazing bands. &U&I release their first full length album and they didn't pull any punches. Light Bearer contains an earnestness that remains even when a super catchy chorus or hook pops up in between heavy and discordant post-hardcore. Even after one listen, I was hooked. This is an example of what I love about the post-hardcore style; melody and power blended with experimentation, groove, and emotive dynamics. If you are in the UK, keep an eye out for live shows. I know they just supported La Dispute the other day in Bristol. I would kill to see these guys slay it. Hopefully someday....

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