Monday, January 2, 2012

Debtors by the Long Haul (2012)

Kind of Like: Pariso, Kerouac, Bastion, Goodtime Boys
Genres: Post-hardcore, Chaotic Hardcore, Mathcore
Preview: Bandcamp

Update: I've been informed that this is indeed officially a 2012 release.  Lookit!  First 2012 album on here!

You may recognize this band from the best of 2011 list for their work on their split with Kerouac.  These guys and Kerouac are the two best hardcore bands in the UK right now in my eyes.  This band is featured on Tangled Talk Records, that features a slew of great UK hardcore bands.  One of which I will be looking for dropping this month that sounds like it could be one of the better hardcore releases this year: "Clarity" by Veils.  I was immediately drawn to the artwork, being a Michigander that enjoys seeing a majestic deer any day (As long as it isn't jumping out in front of my car).  I immediately wondered, are there deer in the UK?  Turns out there is.  In case you wondered.  Anyways, this album right here starts off with a quiet, distorted, jazzy, enticing riff properly named "Lenders".    The EP explodes immediately into the next song and doesn't stop until it ends with the title track "Debtors".  I am not great at determining themes of albums by lyrics and such, but I would imagine the whole inveigle yet empty sounding riff of "Lenders" mixed with the premise of Debtors may have something to do with the economic climate and protests that have gone on in the UK.  I could be completely wrong though.  Ever since I heard this band on their split with Kerouac, I have absolutely loved their unique guitar work.  If only I heard this sooner, it would've easily made the Best of 2011 list for the Hardcore section.

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  1. you still have a chance to put it in your 2012 list as its official release is february 6th :)