Monday, January 9, 2012

New Distro Items for Sale!


So, Philly was a blast, met a lot of good people and hopefully will be working soon with a few of them.  Expect a video or something to surface in relation to that.  Someday.

Some immediate news from that was that we got to visit Peter from Algernon at his house/warehouse/art studio/music studio.  Apparently it was first owned by Schooly D (Aqua Teen Hunger Force song), and was a warehouse that had been converted into a studio and also somewhat residential space because plumbing had been put in.  It is a crazy set up, and I recommend if you can record there, I would.  It is teeming with creativity; there is art and cool stuff everywhere. Plus, there is already a slew of great bands that have recorded there including Algernon and Restorations and others.  Those two albums were some of my favorites from last year.

I got into contact with Peter about distroing Algernon stuff, and it just worked out perfectly to pick up stuff while we were in town. 

So, guess what?  We now had "Parrot Flies" CD/LP in stock and "Some Kind of Cadwallader" LP in stock at our Record site.  We are selling Parrot Flies for dirt cheap to honor it for being one of the best albums last year (in my opinion).

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