Monday, January 30, 2012

You Wanna Kiss About It? by The Bulletproof Tiger

Kind of like: Rooftops, And So I Watch You..., Piglet
Genres: Math-Rock, Progressive, Indie

This came out in December and had I known, it would have topped my best of '11 list. Coming back with 34 minutes of jaw dropping technicality, Toronto's finest craft a pinnacle full length Math-rock album. These guys really grow with this release even approaching a progressive indie rock feel at times. The dynamics are spot on and help the movement of the songs beautifully. The melodic interplay between instruments is improved upon with more nuance than their earlier EP, weaving in and out of odd syncopated rhythms and technical structures with ease. I strongly urge you to head over to their Bandcamp and throw them a few dollars for a high quality version. It's only $5 CAN (even cheaper in USD) and maybe someday we can hope to see it on vinyl.



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