Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You've made a huge mistake.

I think it goes without saying, but I will anyways.  Initially I wanted to do a zine every three to four months, but now it will be more likely they will be done each year.  The remainder of the zines will be put in with orders for records.  I might make more at some point so people that order records will get a neat little zine thing with their orders.   They will only be given with orders from Sometimes I Get Drunk Records.

With the removal of the Zine tab up top, there is a new addition.  We have a radio show we do each week and we have been told it would be more convenient if people could download the shows.  That way they can either listen in live or just download them and listen at their leisure.  So look above and click the radio/podcast tab.  Here is who was featured on the first show:

Oh yeah!  Alternative Press used one of my videos of Restorations!  Look!

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