Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weak Teeth 7" by Weak Teeth (2010)

Kind of Like: Code Orange Kids, Former Theives,
Genres: Hardcore, Punk, Emo
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Spotify: Not Officially

"Too fast, too furious, pissed-as-fuck hardcore from up North. With a slightly angular and technical edge to their musicianship, they offer more than your standard cookie-cutter hardcore band with a fuller, more musically aware sound that stands as a testament to their unflinching dedication."
-The Fest 9 write-up

Emo-damaged hardcore; negative youth crew; fast things, loud things, angry things, burritos, and having fun.  These are all things that could be used to describe this band and this 7" record.  This album starts off making you think you are about to be taken on a ride you've been on many times.  A ride from bands that just want to sound exactly like they came out of American Hardcore.  Instead of being another generic shitty hardcore band, this ride busts off the rails and takes you someplace much better.  These guys are fast, gritty but surprising technical, melodic and intelligent at the same time.  I jumped on the opportunity to help distribute this 7".

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