Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ahleuchatistas - Location Loacation [2011]

For Fans Of: Sleeping People, Cinemechanica, Them Roaringtwenties
Genres: Math Rock, Experimental, Instrumental
Spotify: Facebook

I was a bit surprised to learn that we had not put these guys up yet. Ahleuchatistas, who take their name from a Charlie Parker composition, are two guys from Asheville, North Carolina. This is the first album released sans-bassist (he was featured on their previous five albums), and although the sound has morphed from it's jazzy-punk roots, the band still grinds pretty hard. Instead of feeling a little hollowed out by the lack of bass, the frantic arrhythmic heartbeat sound is still just as erratic as ever, which is what made me like them in the first place. They have just finished tracking for their new album, so look out for that on SIGD soon!

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