Sunday, February 19, 2012

Olympians - Foreign Language [2010]

For Fans Of: Freelance Whales, Local Natives, Fanfarlo
Genres: Indie Pop, Math Rock, Folk
Spotify: Yes

Olympians are four strapping young lads from Norwich who play exhilarating sing-along math-pop/indie-pop. They started out by playing a guitar, bass, and some drums in one of the member's basements for fun. Since then, they've expanded to two guitars, a keyboard, a glockenspiel (one of my favorite instruments/favorite words in the English language), and a trumpet. They do a lot of cute ba-ba-ba-ing in their songs, like in the video for "Wake Up Old":

The song I put up for the preview portion starts off slowly, but if you hang on and listen to the whole thing, it's worth it! Their Bandcamp has a lot of stuff on sale as well as some free downloads.

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