Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radio Show Tonight!

Love this picture, hate tequila. (click to enlarge)

Since we messed up last week do to microphone issues, we are going to try to feature the bands that didn't get a fair listen so that we can at least record the show and then throw it up here later.  If you know the bands personally, let them know, I think they will like the attention, no? Until the show, you can check out that MF Doom live thing.  I got the time messed up, it started at 3 PM EST, his set isn't on until 5 PM.  They just had a bunch of technical difficulties, but I think it's under control now (we aren't the only ones!).  Jneiro Janel is about to start spinning, and then you'll have a chance to see MF Doom DJ after him.

SHIT:  I meant to put 7, not 8.  The one thing I fuck up is one of the more important parts, hahaha.  Join my label, I'm sloppy!

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