Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Radio Show Tonight!

Tonight we will be playing new music from Cast of Cheers, Bon Iver (Live performance from SNL), ††† (Crosses), Library Tapes, Ma Jolie, The Sidekicks, and a bunch of other artists that we featured last week.  We also will be trying to record it so that it can be a podcast that can be listened to whenever.

Here is what the show looks like from a word cloud as far as what music you will be hearing today and the amount of it.  The bigger the word the more the show will be focusing on songs from that niche.  Yay, visuals!

I would like to have more open discussion during the show hopefully we can get some people calling in.  We take requests as well!  Listen in at 7PM EST for the show (http://www.wumd.org, also on your iphone!), or hopefully it will be available for download later.

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