Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demo - Marietta (2012)

Kind of Like: Old Gray, Braid, The Promise Ring, Dowsing
Genres: Emo, Math Rock, Indie
Spotify: Not Officially
Website: Facebook

These guys are bursting on the scene from Philly's seedy underbelly of emo.  When my friend told me that these guys were a bunch of 18 year olds attending Temple, it made me appreciate it that much more.  These kids are young, but as I told my friend, they have extremely mature sense of direction when writing music.  Moreso than a lot of bands much older than them.  I would like to say that this demo is dripping with potential, but that would seem like it is subpar.  It's good in it's own right, but the fact these guys are just starting makes me excited to hear what they will do after this demo.  So, double whammy; it's pretty damn good and it's got potential.

Listen Here:


  1. Demo is sooo good...loving God Bless Eric Taylor!!

  2. Music's amazing and some of the best dudes. So sick at shows.