Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ladders by Ma Jolie (2011)

Kind of Like: Signals Midwest, Spraynard, Joyce Manor
Genres: Punk, Pop Punk
Spotify: Nope

I had the pleasure of seeing these guys in Philly last month for that great house show.  They feature members from other bands, but the only one that I remember is Restorations.  They have members from that band and their name is a Bear vs. Shark reference, but they don't sound a whole lot like either of those bands.  These three songs show some great pop punk potential, and if I had known this was out on the internet I would've featured it as soon as I got home from Philly.

Funny randomness, the day after the show and after we stopped by Algernon's warehouse, Peter recommended a pizza place right down the street because we were starving.  It was really good, and the owners were really nice.  After we had our fill, a guy walked in the door and picked up some food, and I remember recognizing him.  We got in out car and he got in his which happened to be right next to ours, and we looked at each other and we had one of those moments where we both realized where we knew each other from.  It turned out it was the drummer from Ma Jolie and he just happened to be ordering food there on the other side of town.

 We asked him about record stores in the area and he recommended one we hadn't even had on our list to check out called the Milk Crate.  it was a really cozy place; the ground level is a cafe/coffee place and the downstairs in a record store.  Talk about a great combo.

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