Friday, February 17, 2012

Introducing the StreamPad Feature

You may notice the little bar or "padding" on the lower part of our website.  This is a new feature powered by StreamPad.  Basically, this nifty little tool will automatically search your entire site for direct links to mp3s and then make them available to play directly from the StreamPad bar.  So, you will also notice at the end of each post from now on, there is a small StreamPad link to a specific song from that artist.  This is so that the application is able to find an mp3 for that post.    I would recommend to click on the button that opens the player in a new window.  That way you could listen to music while you browse the site without interruption, and if you hear something you immediately like, you can go to the player and click the song and it will send you right to the post it is featured in!  Neat!

(Hint to the other authors of the site that want to use a specific song in their posts: Kiwi6)

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