Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Opus at the End of Everything by The Flashbulb (2012)

Nerd alert.

Kind of Like: Cloudkicker, Library Tapes, Venetian Snares
Genres: Electronica, Experimental, Ambient, Breakcore, Jazz
Spotify: Yesh

I featured Benn Jordan's last album under his alias, The Flashbulb back earlier last year.  That album, Love as a Cold, Dark Hallway, was heavily jazz influenced; more so than most of his other albums.  Most of his work still has a minimal jazz influence whether it be chords or what not, and this new album is no exception.  However, this album reminds me more of the ambiance of Cloudkicker's latest album, Let Yourself Be Huge.  There is very limited jazz and even very limited breakcore involved in this album which ends up being quite a deviation from what you usually hear from Benn Jordan.  That's probably the best part about this guy's music though is that he is always experimenting with himself and his equipment.

I actually found out this new album dropped last night, and it really helped me get through my studies.  It is simply massive as well.  He just came out with Love about a year ago, and then he drops this hour long 25 track album.  Granted, it isn't his most technical and impressive music I have heard, but I highly recommend all of Benn's work, he is a really great musician/composer.

Listen Here:

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