Sunday, February 5, 2012

Volume Three by I Am The Agent (2012)

Geeked out.

Kind of Like: The World Is...(a really fucking long name), Sonic Youth, Run Squirrel
Genres: Post-rock, Post-hardcore, Noise Rock, Emo, Indie
Spotify: Nope
Buy: Oh, Silence Records (CD-R only ;( )

Happy Super Bowl Day!  Who do I want to win?  Well, I'm a Michigan man, so I'm rooting for my boy Tom Brady.

If you are too lazy to hit play and take a listen, just think of a darker form of The World is a Beautiful Place mixed with influences of noise rock/grunge bands like Sonic Youth.  They consider themselves an alternative/indie band but I would consider them more specifically an emo band; these guys are prickled with emotion.  The vocals sound sincere and the music ranges purgative, noisy dissonance to calm, but solemn passages.

These guys hail from Australia, and this is this is the first album I have heard from them.  They have two others (volumes one and two). I am only just finishing the fourth and final song of volume three, but I have a feeling I will be exploring the other volumes in the near future or at least be absorbing this one for awhile.

Listen Here:

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