Friday, February 10, 2012

Tangled Hair - Apples [2011]

For Fans Of: Colour, Tall Ships, Pennines
Genres: Math Rock, Math Pop, Indie
Spotify: Yus

Another Indie band from the U.K. on Big Scary Monster Records. This label has some great artists, and Tangled Hair is no exception. Former members of Colour formed this trio back in 2009, and they have cranked out some great tunes since the 2010 release of their debut EP, aptly titled First.

First was a great EP and I would say it is still their best work (see Just Like That), but
Apples is a close second. The first and last songs are probably my favorites from the album. Overall it is a good mix of complex and unstable time signatures, mixed with vocals that vary from slow whispers to shouts to full-on frantic outbursts. Good stuff.

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  1. Hey, could you possibly re-upload the download? It say invalid or deleted. Or maybe email it to me? Thanks.