Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grace 7" by The Sidekicks (2012)

Kind of Like: The Menzingers, Cheap Girls, The Dopamines
Genres: Punk, Indie, Pop Punk
Spotify: Yessuh
Buy: Red Scare Industries
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I remember my introduction to this band was at Mac's in East Lansing.  I had gone out there to see Bomb the Music Industry!, who was on tour to support Vacation.  I remember ordering a pitcher and drinking it like it was a giant beer mug.  I also remember telling someone when the Sidekicks were about play that I hadn't heard them before.  I was then called a "poser", and I remember thinking about how the last time I had been called that was in high school by crust punks, and followed by wondering what exactly I was posing as.  Either way, apparently I should have known about this band.

They had a great set, and I remember making a note to try and find their material when I got home.  I never really got around to it, but I saw this recently dropped and now I had an excuse to listen to them.  This little 7" EP is four songs long and gets progressively more indie and stripped down as it goes along.  They have that folky twang that I really enjoy in indie/punk bands.

Apparently, the single "Grace" will be featured on their full length Awkward Breeds which comes out next month through Red Scare.

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