Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Palo Verde - Zero Hour [2012}

For Fans Of: Black Sabbath, Shellac, Jucifer
Genres: Metal, Noise Rock, Sludge
Spotify: Yessir

Palo Verde is a highly improvisational all-female, metal/sludge/noise duo from Portland, OR. The band initially formed as experimental double-drum duo called Stick-It-In, but evolved into the current improvisational guitar/drums incarnation. Since 2006, they have performed extensively in the Northwest and throughout the U.S., sharing the stage with bands such as Jucifer, Thrones, Black Elk, Japanther, and Kusikia. Drummer Lauren K also plays guitar in the blistering LKN. We rarely ever get to witness women participate in metal music, and it always makes me happy to see talented women musicians make a name for themselves. Here's a review from Bitch Magazine:

"If you like dark, pared-down, and unapologetic un-catchy music check out Palo Verde, a two-piece powerhouse of a band. Lauren K's smashing drums and Terrica Kleinknecht distorted guitar are like a metal show that could fit in your living room. Don't expect some pop song that will be stuck in your head. Their songs grow slowly and organically, turning into a swirling growl of psychedelic guitar and mesmerizing drumming. Streaming their songs online just barely do justice to their sound, and if you get the chance to see them live you'll be treated to some of the most intense drumming of your life. (Don't forget to bring your anti-face melting serum)." -- Bitch Magazine

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