Friday, February 17, 2012

Kubichek - Not Enough Tonight [2007]

For Fans Of: Dogs, DARTZ!, Look See Proof
Genres: Indie, Indie Pop, Pop Punk
Spotfity: Yepyep

Kubicheck! was another British indie group that formed back in 2004, and then dismembered four years later. They're perfect for anyone who likes a bellyful of bright, bold, guitar skewed pop songs. From their Lastfm:

"Creators of this year’s best indie rock debut; make no mistake, Newcastle’s Kubichek! are a devoutly special band. As incendiary as the intentionally explosive exclamation mark that doorstops their moniker, like all the best bands, they come armed with a musical manifesto – a mission statement if you will – that encompasses their lust for uncompromising DIY punk jitter, noir tinged, New Wave tainted atmos, and feedback swamped melodic sass. Said debut, ‘Not Enough Night’ is evocative of their variety in palate; a record that perfectly plots their brilliance over twelve explosive, contrasting melodic assaults, announcing their arrival to the world with aplomb. It is a stunning debut missive."

Check out this Streampad thingy we've got goin' on. You can now listen to songs while blogwalking for songs to listen to!

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