Wednesday, February 15, 2012

回帰する呼吸 (recur breath) EP by the Cabs (2011)

Kind of Like: Climb the Mind, This Town Needs Guns, malegoat
Genres: Screamo, Emo, Math Rock, Post-hardcore
Spotify: For their old album, yes.

Taking a little break from my paper thing I'm working on.  Time to write about something that I REEEEALLY like writing about.  Somebody in the chat box was asking for the new album by the Cabs called, Ocur (Occur?) Breath.  I figured he was talking about the japanese band, the Cabs, that we featured back in December.   I remember that this album by the Cabs was the one I initially wanted to feature/listen to, but I only had luck finding their first album that ultimately was put up on this site.  Feel free to read that post here.

I figured I would give it another go trying to find this album that came out a couple months ago.  It was a wild goose chase, but I found a link that worked.  I am really glad because I like this new EP better than the one that I previously listened to.  Excellent musicianship.

Hint: jpddl


  1. There is a basement in Ypsi where the walls might crumble due to how loudly this awesome shit is playing. Incredible find. I usually can't deal with foreign language music (how xenophobic of me), but the music is way too incredible to even care. It's like Crash Of Rhinos meets Kidcrash meets Coalesce's mathyness meets a wet dream with Sofia Vergara.

  2. Yeah, I am liking this a whole bunch. I was just in Ypsi today!

  3. i cant seem to get this link to work--i downloaded it but it wont extract any of the files.

  4. nevermind! got it.