Monday, June 27, 2011

Shorts EP by Man Your Horse

For fans of: Foals, ASIWYFA, Other groovy math rock shit
Genres: Math Rock, Slightly Post-Rock at times, Progressive Indie?
Preview: Bandcamp

Just found this sweet Vancouver (CAN) based trio over the weekend and it turns out they are playing a free show tomorrow night in Portland. It's kinda hard to place MYH's sound. Not that they go from genre to genre frequently, but they carve such a distinct (dare I say unique?) niche that while it is clearly defined, "almost" sounds like a lot of other bands. It's like taking American Football but substituting upbeat and happy themes in place of the mellow and somber, bringing that to a rolling boil, then adding a dash of The Bulletproof Tiger, Rooftops, and the post-rock grooves and tightness of bands like And So I Watched You From Afar and simmering for about 10 minutes. Ridiculous analogy, I know, but these guys are cool. And come on, you get 6 tracks for FREE from their bandcamp page. Check it out. Maybe I'll post a show review on Wednesday as the other two bands sharing the bill I've not heard of before. We'll see how the motivation factor plays into my plans.

I don't entirely agree with this review but here it is anyway:
"[Man Your Horse] This Vancouver based band offers the type of technical proficiency and indie-schooled spirit that will go over well with anyone who likes their hard-rock jams with a dose of rhythmic inventiveness. Delivering a high-octane sound that’s too stripped down to be a Mars Volta, not quite arty enough to be a DD/MM/YYYY, and slightly off-kilter to be a Queens Of The Stone Age, this trio expounds on experimental math-like bouts of guitars, bass, and drums into an ambitious vision all their own." - Lonely Vagabond (Exclaim! Network) (May 15th 2010, Toronto)

Get yo'self a free download

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