Friday, July 1, 2011

Untitled Demo + EP by Merlin the Friend (2010, 2011)

Kind of Like: American Football, Piglet
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Emo
Preview:  Bandcamp

These guys opened the show for Prawn last night in Ann Arbor, they don't have much out there available for a listen, but I immediately thought of Piglet as they played.  Some really solid potential.  Right now they have a drummer, bass player, guitarist, and singer.  They said they are trying to get the singer to play some guitar too, and I really think that would help fill things out a little more.  Let's see what these guys do in the future.

I haven't been on here much because I've been working on something that I will probably announce on here soon.  For now, go check out Prawn if they are stopping by in your city.  They are really cool guys and deserve a lot of attention.  I'm actually gonna make the trip out to Grand Rapids later today to catch them again.

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  1. I'll see you there goddamnit.

    Maybe you can tell what the secret thing is.