Monday, June 6, 2011

More for Monday: Young Widows Old and New (2008, 2011)

Kind of Like: These Arms Are Snakes, Coliseum, Breather Resist
Genres: Noise Rock, Post-hardcore, Math Rock
Preview: Myspace

A lot of times when I find new records by a band I already like, I will think, "Hey, people should know about their older albums as well".  Seeing that I was able to find a mediafire link for Young Widow's first effort Old Wounds I thought I would throw it up here with their new seven inch called Future Heart.  Their 7 inch features "Future Heart" which was on their latest album plus a b-side called "Rose Window" which is a song I am really liking the first time through and is showing the band further explore more melodic sounds.  I know I gave some flak to Old Wounds when I reviewed their latest album, but it still is a good album and arguably better than their new album.  It really depends on what mood you are in, I suppose.  Old Wounds wasn't as powerful as their live performance but it was a lot more powerful than In and Out of Youth and Lightness.  Long story short, go see them live if you even think you like their music because they put on a great show usually.  I just keep digging a bigger hole here, I'm just gonna end this shit review.

Listen Here:
Old Wounds
Future Heart


  1. in no way trying to sound like a know it all but their first album was called settle down city and it came out in 2006, great album. much more abrasive than these two which are both fantastic. old wounds still number one in my book

  2. I appreciate the correction. I totally forgot about that album.