Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Diamonite by Bell (2011)

Kind of Like: Bjork, Feist, Radiohead, E*Vax, Destroyer
Genres: Electronica, Indie, Female Vocalists
Preview: Bandcamp

To be clear-and I think I've said this before- I am not usually a big fan of female vocalists.  I think I've said that each time I've reviewed a band that is fronted by a female.  Anyways, usually it has to really catch me immediately in order for me to like it.

Bell is a New York-based band led by Russian-born, Alaska-raised songstress Olga Bell.  The layered synths and varied percussion create a very beautiful, intricate and catchy soundscape/world throughout the album.  She derives inspiration from Bjork, but her voice is not a high intonation like hers, instead it is cool and confident.  It isn't another imitation of Regina Spektor either- a trend that I hope has died out by now.

Listen Here:

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