Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brave The Elements EP by Colossal (2003)

Kind of Like: The One Up Downstairs, penpal, Pennines, Braid
Genres: Math Rock, Indie, Emo, Post-Hardcore
Preview: Myspace

I saw that Mimmers posted Colossal's 2004 effort, Welcome the Problems (which you can view/download here), I decided to throw up their EP that came before it because it has a couple of really great songs by them on it that are worth checking out.  You may be saying to yourself, that handsome guy on the far right looks familiar!  You'd be right if you are a big fan of the Larry Arms because that is noneother than the drummer Niel from the Lawrence Arms/The Falcon- two bands that deserve a classic post for them.  Other noteable bands that are related to this band are Slapstick, Tuesday, and the Smoking Popes.  Basically, have an all-star cast of musicians from varying punk/alternative backgrounds playing some great noodley emo/math rock before it was really hyped.  Download this EP, and then head over to Circling the Drain and pick up their LP as well.  Then check back here later for one last post before I leave on my trip.

Listen Here:

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